A celebration of traditional and modern Italian cuisine @ Bistro Bakini

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Bistro Bakini.
Blending the best of local produce with authentic Italian cooking, Bistro Bakini satisfies families and gourmet diners alike.
Bistro Bakini’s menu features authentic Italian cuisine, made up of the highest quality ingredients, some of which are imported from Italy.
The dining room possesses a warm familial atmosphere with views of the vast wine collection Bistro Bakini harbours. 
The wine list is reasonably priced and features a good selection of wines to complement your meal.
Olive ascolane - Stuffed green olives crumbed and fried
Croquette di baccala - Potatoes and baccala croquette cappers aioli

The croquette had a wonderfully crisp exterior which combined beautifully with the salted cod which provided salinity to the dish while the creamy cappers aioli ensured that the dish had requisite balance.
Capasante alla griglia - Hervey bay scallops caramelized onions vernaccia and bread crumbs

The scallops were beautifully seared and boasted a delicate sweetness.
Burrata pugliese - Burrata roasted eggplant and confit tomato

This cheese sensation demonstrated that unforgettable dishes can sometimes be very simple. In this instance, a ball of unadulterated burrata simply paired with smokey eggplant and confit tomato. When the outer solid mozzarella shell was cut, we loved how the the creamy interior of soft, stringy curd and fresh cream revealed itself. The sumptuously rich yet sensibly balanced flavours were sensational. 
Risotto con le cicale di mare - Morton bay bug meat risotto chilli garlic spicy tomato broth

The risotto was, as expected from a good Italian restaurant, superbly executed.  The rice in the risotto was puffy and al-dente and, coupled with generous amounts of tender Morton bay bug pieces and luscious chilli and garlic spicy tomato broth, had a wonderful depth of flavour.  The dish boasted a rich seafood flavour with a robust undercurrent of parmesan.
Guancia Di manzo - Slow braised ox cheeks, barley risotto & cooking jus

Atop the layer of superbly cooked barley risotto, lay a delicious piece of decadent and flavoursome ox cheek. The braised ox cheek was incredibly tender, falling away easily with the weight of our forks. Coated with the earthy braising sauce, the dish was very enjoyable to consume. 
Bistecca di manzo - Wagu beef tagliata, roasted cauliflower gratin and red wine jus

The accompaniments to the wagyu were each perfectly seasoned and wonderfully flavoured.  However, the true highlight of the dish was the slice of wagyu beef – a light searing ensured that it was lined with a thin crisp layer packed with caramelised beef flavour.  The meat was intense with characteristic wagyu notes and a deep earthy richness. Texturally, the beef was sublime with a decadent melt in the mouth, almost buttery, consistency.  
Dessert platter: Pannacotta, Nutella Bomboloni, Tiramisu, Chocolate mousse & “Ladies' Kisses”  (elegant little hazelnut cookies from Piedmont in Italy's north)

Our dessert tasting platter was a stunning end to what was a fabulous dinner. While everything on the plate was absolutely delicious, the yogurt panna cotta was of particular note. Possessing complexity with a pronounced sour "twang" courtesy of being made from good quality yogurt, the panna cotta was silky smooth and just barely holding its shape.
Bistro Bakini impresses with the freshness of its ingredients and the quality of its service. Highly recommended for a place to take that special someone or perhaps the family for the perfect treat.

Location: 568 St Kilda Rd  Melbourne
Phone: 03 9521 7774
Cuisine: Italian

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