Foxtrot Charlie - Cleared for takeoff

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Foxtrot Charlie.
Pioneering a culture of food, coffee and all-around cool vibe, Foxtrot Charlie delivers Melbournians a modish café in which to embrace quality coffee.
The name comes from the code words in the NATO phonetic alphabet for F and C (which represent Food and Coffee). An appropriate name we think, given how owner, Costas has successfully created a quintessentially Melbourne coffee hot spot which serves great food.
Serious about coffee, the café is its own boutique roaster, roasting daily to ensure a consistent quality. The result is a blend tailored to cut through the milk and ensure the coffee flavour is still present without too much bitterness.
The food at Foxtrot Charlie is a big draw card - doing it differently with a breakfast menu developed around the seasons and a balanced lunch menu with daily specials that more than satisfies its neighbourhood clientele that include business and residents alike.
House made semolina gnocchi with tomato, speck and chilli

The light pillows of gnocchi were accompanied by a rich, flavoursome sauce and lashings of savoury speck and spicy chilli. It was a simple dish, done well.
Asian style beef cheek served with a pickled salad of carrot, radish, coriander and fried shallot

The beef cheek was tender and delicious, with caramel undertones courtesy of being slow-braised in Chinese wine. Paired with an earthy Asian braising sauce, the cheeks fell away at the weight of our spoons whilst still retaining their integrity. The salad which sat atop the cheek was the perfect accompaniment. Fresh, vibrant and crisp, the salad provided acidity and texture. It was a magnificent dish.
Pistachio & Yoghurt Mousse cake

Our visit to Foxtrot Charlie concluded on a delectably sweet note. The Pistachio & Yoghurt Mousse cake had a vibrant combination of flavours. The yoghurt mousse had a pleasant balance between tartness and sweetness, blending well with the flavour and texture of the pistachio cake. The accompanying rhubarb was cooked to perfection and a welcome addition to the dessert.
Right: Fresh House Made Passionfruit Marshmallows
Service is yet another strong point.  We were well attended to and the staff were friendly, warm and welcoming.
The perfect embodiment of a thriving Melbourne café, Foxtrot Charlie is a weekend brunch mecca, drawing in the crowds week in week out with its excellent food, fantastic coffee and cheerful wait staff.

Location: 359 Sydney Road,  Brunswick
Phone: 03 9387 3397
Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee

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