Part 3 - Trip to Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges - R&R @ Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel + Dinner @ Argus Dining Room

Set in the heart of Hepburn Spring, Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel is designed for guests with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

We were spoilt with a weekend in one of Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel’s luxurious suites, the

Springs Deluxe Spa

. Located on the first floor of the hotel, the suite is furnished in a modern, Art Deco style. 

We absolutely adored the large two person tub. 

…And our private balcony.

The intimate and indulgent nature of the environment was immediately calming - making it ideal for some much needed R&R. 

The hotel’s highlights include warming up in Peppers’ award winning ‘Mineral Spa’ which is located just behind the hotel and enjoying the comfortable guest lounge where the open fireplace adds a touch of indulgence in the cooler months.

The property is surrounded by picturesque gardens which are the perfect scene for a romantic stroll after dinner.

At the Argus Dining Room, superb food and wine take centre stage. A recipient of many accolades including having recently been awarded a coveted Chef’s Hat by the AGFG 2015, Executive Chef David Willcocks serves stunning Modern Australian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh, clean flavours and regional produce.

Pressed pigs head, piccalilli, scallops, crisp skin


A Marron, bone marrow, tuscan cabbage, fried sprouts

The marron meat was tender and moist and was delicately flavoured by the accompanying broth which combined a perfect balance of sweet and savoury elements. The addition of the tuscan cabbage and fried sprouts provided both depth and texture. It was a brilliant dish.


Fried potatoes, crisp chicken skin 

Right: Radish & turnip leaves, sesame, nashi

Sher Wagyu MS 8+, onions, pickled mustard, bresaola, garden greens

The wagyu was perfectly cooked. Boasting a deep pink, the meat was intense with characteristic wagyu notes and a deep earthy richness. It was texturally sublime with a decadent melt in the mouth, almost buttery, consistency.  The accompaniments to the wagyu were each remarkably delicious – onions, bresaola, garden greens were perfectly seasoned and wonderfully flavoured and the pickled mustard, provided a thoroughly enjoyable acidity.  

Hampshire Down lamb loin, carrots, sheep’s milk, Arabic spice, kofta

The succulent lamb loin was superbly cooked.  The kofta, wonderfully crisp, combined with the spices to provide salinity to the dish while the sweet carrots ensured that the dish had requisite balance.

Longan, sago, coconut and durian 

This Asian inspired dessert was a welcome departure from norm. We absolutely adored the decadent durian ice cream which worked wonders with the vibrant flavours of the longan fruit and the mellow sago and creamy coconut. It was an exemplary display of Willcocks’ versatility.

Caramelised banana, chocolate, peanut, avocado

Our final course for the evening was a delightful dessert of caramelised banana, chocolate, peanut, avocado. The rich chocolate was framed by light avocado mousse and beautifully caramelised banana. The peanuts were a clever counterbalance to the indulgent chocolate.

Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel presents a unique getaway where luxury takes the spotlight and it really is, all about you.


124 Main Road, Hepburn Springs


03 5348 4199



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Gastrology bloggers wined, dined and reclined courtesy of Peppers Mineral Springs Hotel and Daylesford & Macedon Ranges Regional Tourism Board.