Koko Black Christmas Collection 2014

Gastrology bloggers received the products courtesy of Koko Black.
Chocolate has the wonderful quality of being able to make great times even better. At Christmas time especially, chocolate deliciously accentuates shared moments spent celebrating with family and friends.
Koko Black's 2014 Christmas Collection celebrates the magical time that is Christmas, with seasonally themed signature favourites, artisan gift boxes, hand-painted snowmen and delightful stocking fillers. 

We were recently at Koko Black's Collins Street store where we picked up a few of their most popular Christmas treats this year.
Signature keepsake (4 pce) $14

The limited edition Signature Keepsakes offer a selection of fresh hand designed chocolate creations and include seasonal exclusives such as the hazelnut praline snowman, raspberry ganache and plum pudding ganache – in both milk and dark couverture chocolate.
Apart from being filled with amazing chocolates, the Signature Keepsake boxes make lovely collectable pieces as they feature one off’s by well known artists. This Christmas' Signature Keepsake features artwork from renowned Australian artist Adam Nickel. 
Favourites Gift Box - petite (150g) -  Roasted Almonds and Macadamias in Milk Chocolate $16.50

Beautifully crafted, this Favourites Gift Box is designed to make gift giving simple and gift receiving joyous. 
Favourites selection hamper $60

Our favourites selection comprised a selection of decadent signature products in milk and dark chocolate.
The hamper features beautifully roasted almonds in milk chocolate, vanilla pistachio nougat in dark chocolate, macadamia, cranberry & cherry in milk chocolate, salted cashew nut brittle inclusion in dark chocolate and festive stars in solid milk chocolate. This pack is one that will surprise and spoil the special people in your life.
Gift box (16 pce) $36.50

Another option if you know exactly what your loved ones (or you) want, is to create your own personalised gift box by hand selecting favourites from Koko Black's coveted signature chocolate collection. 
Otherwise, you can leave the choice in the hands of the experts with the Chocolatier’s gift box selection.
The festive season is a truly special time, where time slows down and our hopes and dreams for the following year shine brightly. And what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of Koko Black to those you truly care about... including yourself.

Collins Street Store details

Location: 52 Collins Street, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9663 5567
Link: http://www.kokoblack.com/

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