The Piano Restaurant & Bar

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of The Piano Restaurant & Bar.
The Piano Restaurant & Bar on Bridge Road in Richmond celebrates assertive Thai flavours with youthful vigour.
With head chef and owner, Tom’s impressive background the restaurant menu boasts modern Thai cuisine that makes a statement.
Betel leaf, smoked river trout, green papaya, mint 

The betel leaf was a multitude of intense flavours and was highlighted on by the luxuriously savoury smoked river trout and the gentle tartness of the green papaya.  The ocean trout was masterfully cooked to showcase the delicate texture of the trout.  
Spicy chicken wings

The chicken wings were nicely caramelised and were flavoured well by the sweet chilli-tamarind sauce.  It was a delicious starter.
Crispy Pork and Prawn Egg Net 

The egg net was enjoyable and highlighted by the superbly cooked prawns and wonderfully crispy and addictive morsel of pork belly. The gentle tartness of the cucumber relish brought the dish together in perfect harmony.
Piano Crispy Duck with spicy soy dressing topped with crispy Thai basil

The signature dish, the Piano Crispy duck was a standout. The generous morsels of duck were encased in the most perfect crispy skin and imbibed with spicy soy dressing. Each bite truly gratified the palate in both texture and taste. The dish was unfaultable. 
King fish salad, pomelo, mint, green papaya

The kingfish salad was a positive highlight. The beautifully cooked kingfish was served with pomelo, mint, green papaya and peanuts. The dish was notable for the quality of the kingfish and the interplay between the tartness of the pomelo and the richness of the creamy curry dressing. It was a simple but well executed dish.
Chu Chi (Red Creamy) Curry of Salmon with snake beans, tomato and lime leaves

The perfectly seasoned curry broth possessed the customary punchy flavours exhibited by South East Asian curries and was a great match for the oily texture of the salmon. We loved the inclusion of juicy cherry tomatoes and textural snake beans. 
Bangkok Winter
Banana Fritters with Ice Cream

The Piano’s take on the traditional banana fritter was delicious. The banana had an ethereally light and crispy batter and was soft and sweet inside. Served with a creamy vanilla ice cream, this was a pleasant end to our meal.  
With beautiful and punchy food, decor to match and a team that clearly loves the food with a passion, The Piano Restaurant and Bar hits all the right notes.

Location: 18 Bridge Rd  Richmond
Phone: 03 9428 9385
Cuisine: Thai, Asian, Bar

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