Burgundy’s gastronomic star - Restaurant Stéphane Derbord

Located at the end of Dijon's beautiful park alleys, Michelin star Stéphane Derbord offers refined traditional French cuisine in which the Burgundian terroir is honoured.

The restaurant (which bears this gastronomic star’s name) is housed within a mansion in Dijon and features contemporary and elegant furnishings. This is further enhanced by the warmth of the wait staff, in particular the lovely Isabelle Derbord who oversees the smooth operation of the restaurant.

The menu stays true to classical French gastronomic techniques while introducing world-flavours which excite and delight. Not to be outshone is the impenetrable wine list which includes over 800 impressive wines. We were pleased to indulge in some Burgundy wine chosen by the sommelier to match each of our courses.

Pan fried medallions of duck foie gras from the Landes area in France Pears chutney, caramelised with Vin Jaune from the Arbois area and spices

The medallions of duck foie gras were an exquisitely luxurious start to our meal. Perfectly crisp on the outside and wonderfully fatty on the inside.

Deboned Frog Legs, Helianthus mousseline with cream realised with a syphon watercress juice

The dish of frog legs with Helianthus mousseline was truly superb. The frog legs were nicely caramelised and crispy while the creamy broth was an unctuous, cloudy concoction of decadently rich flavours. The accompanying thick watercress juice matched perfectly. 

Crispy langoustine from Loctudy (Brittany), Burgundy saffron broth, sweet potato, vanilla purée and coconut cream 

The eye catching filo pastry wrapped langoustine was yet another highlight. The combination of the crispy filo pastry and the fresh tender langoustine was a textural delight. It was a beautiful amalgamation of sweet and salty flavours which tingled the senses. The saffron was thoroughly captivating and was a marriage made in heaven with the baked to perfection filo pastry’s nice crisp bite.

Monkfish from Brittany, butter and white wine sauce, shallots and turmeric roots

A dish of complex but well balanced flavours, the monkfish was perfectly seared and bursting with natural flavour, a flavour further enhanced by the subtle sweetness of butter and white wine sauce. The fruity acidity of the shallots and turmeric roots introduced further layers of complexity.  It was a magnificent dish. 

Pigeon from Mieral's, Hautes Cotes juniper berries, crunchy cabbage and a broccoli purée

Our final savoury course was one of our favourite courses of the evening. Sourced from La Bress, one of the best pigeon farmers in the Lyon, the back of the pigeon had been skilfully marinated in Hautes Cotes juniper berries and roasted while the thigh has been cooked in a liquorice broth before each were smoked with pine needle. The results spoke for themselves. 

The pigeon was exceedingly silky and did not have the fibrous texture often associated with poorly prepared pigeon.  It was perfectly seasoned with the natural gaminess of the pigeon showcased along with the delicate smokiness from the pine needles, the fragrance of the liquorice and the slight tartness of the juniper berries.

We then chose from an astounding selection of 30 cheeses from Burgundy and around France.

Dessert tasting plate

Our evening concluded on a sweet note with a lovely selection of desserts. Particularly noteworthy were the “variations on the strawberry” and Stephane Derbord’s “black forest cake” – both were excellent desserts that showcased appetisingly fresh fruit flavours.

Dinner at Restaurant Stéphane Derbord is an elegantly refined affair. Stéphane Derbord’s subtle creativity paired with beautiful Bourguignon produce hits all the right notes to produce a truly gourmet and unforgettable experience 

Location: 10 Place du Président Wilson, 21000 Dijon, France

Phone: +33 3 80 67 74 64

Link: http://www.restaurantstephanederbord.fr/en/

Cuisine: French

Gastrology dined courtesy of Restaurant Stéphane Derbord