Michelin star brilliance @ Relais d'Auteuil

At Relais d'Auteuil, the love of art meets truly exquisite French cuisine.

The man behind it all, chef extraordinaire Patrick Pignol truly impresses. In a previous life, Pignol plied his trade with the top chefs in the French culinary scene (Ledoyen on the Champs-Elysees, Le Gavroche (in London) and Chiberta), before finally setting up Relais d’Auteuil in the chic 16th district. 30 years from inception, he is still in the kitchen wow-ing patrons.

The restaurant menu focuses on carefully selected seasonal produce paired with skilful cooking methods which show a deep respect for the high quality produce thereby allowing the ingredients to shine.  

It is this obsession which has made Pignol a highly awarded chef who is both recognized and respected by his peers. One of the few chefs to consistently visit the market to do his own shopping, Pignol enjoys being guided by the fresh produce which he lovingly discovers at Rungis. 

A regular customer at Relais d'Auteuil blows us a kiss!

It is no wonder that loyal customers return time and time again to indulge in Pignol's delicious French cuisine and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Amandine de foie gras

Luxurious foie gras is enveloped within a crisp potato exterior and a further layer of soft potato. The addition of cumin is a masterstroke which provides a lovely counterpoint to the decadent dish. It is no wonder that this dish has become a signature dish at Relais d’Auteuil.

Belles Asperges vertesde Pertuis, et morilles fraiches tombée de persil plat

Wonderfully in season asparagus is served with earthy mushrooms and fresh parsley. It is a dish that shouts out, “It is spring!” This is one beautiful dish that is not to be missed.

Oursins servis dans leur coque

One of the many highlights from our visit was this dish of buttery sea urchin served in its shell. It was a fantastic tastebud-enlivening course.

Encornets farcis aux oignons doux des Cévennes et senteur despeck

We adored the beach-like presentation of this dish and loved the flavours even more. The quality of the squid was exemplary. The perfectly cooked squid was stuffed with sweet onions and tomatoes. A Mediterranean inspired dish which allowed the natural sweetness of the squid to shine.

Ris de veau rissolé au beurre de cardamome et parfum d'oseille

A favourite among the regulars, the battered sweetbreads were wonderfully crisp on the outside and tender on the inside having been sautéed in butter and cardamom. Perfumed with sorrel it was a treat for all the senses. 

Red fruit Soufflé 

The soufflé was picture perfect. Filled with a lovely surprise of sweet and tangy berries, the soufflé was beautifully light and fluffy.

Be guided by a true chef in every sense of the word at Relais d’Auteuil - a superb restaurant where genuine passion can be felt in every mouthful. 

Location: 31 Boulevard Murat, 75016 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 46 51 09 54

Link: www.relaisdauteuil-pignol.fr/

Cuisine: French