A delicious chapter of Parisian life at Les Bouquinistes by Guy Savoy

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Les Bouquinistes.

Set up on the banks of the Seine like any "bouquiniste" (booksellers of used and antiquarian books) worthy of its name, Les Bouquinistes welcomes passers-by, connoisseurs, travellers and those who stop out of curiosity.

In one of the most beautiful locations in all of Paris, the restaurant has sweeping views of Notre Dame and the Pont-Neuf, and is within earshot of the barges navigating the Seine. 

The restaurant is elegantly designed with subdued décor, a pair of back-to-back bars incarnating the epicentre of the restaurant, and glass and metal walls cleverly demarcating the various spaces. 

Various books adorn the walls of the restaurant, keeping to the "bouquiniste" theme. 

Les Bouquinistes menu is designed by Guy Savoy and Chef Stéphane Perraud and focusses on quality produce and creativity. New items are added each day to keep regulars coming back for more.

Whiting fish and tartar of oysters, curdled cheese and garden peas

Our adventure commenced with Whiting fish served with tartar of oysters, curdled cheese and garden peas. The fish was superbly fresh with the gentle sweetness of the tartare of oysters effortlessly infusing each bite. Each element of the entree was allowed to participate in the flavoursome symphony to good effect.

Prawn ravioli with vegetables, broth emulsified verbena

Beneath the layer of superbly cooked pasta were soft shreds of sweet prawn.  The bisque had a well-developed flavour profile and veloute provided decadent flavours to complement the delicious prawn meat. 

Pollock of line, mushrooms, cabbages romanesco and razor clams

The Pollock of line was one of the highlights of our visit. The luxurious sauce that accompanied the tender fish fillet was mouth-wateringly rich and indisputably one of the best sauces we have sampled in recent times. It was a brilliant amalgamation of flavours.

Angus beef back steak, turnips and oyster mushrooms

The dish of Angus beef back steak was simple, delicious and very well executed. The beef was cooked to a tender and juicy pink and was exceedingly flavoursome and "melt in the mouth". The use of stuffed turnip which emulated a bone marrow was a clever addition.

From left: Fresh strawberry, matcha meringue, strawberry and matcha sorbet; "Chocolate"

A strawberry centric dessert of fresh strawberry, matcha meringue, strawberry and matcha sorbet provided a different mix of pleasant flavours. We loved the velvety smooth consistency of the both the sorbets and crunchy textural elements courtesy of the meringue. The aptly named dessert of “chocolate” then concluded our meal on a decadent note. It was a dessert that would have delighted any chocolate lover.

Les Bouquiniste offers a delicious chapter of Parisian life to all those who enter. As expected from any Guy Savoy restaurant, we experienced the utmost professionalism and great quality produce within elegant surrounds. 


53, quai des Grands Augustins, 75006 PARIS


 + 33 (0) 1 43 25 45 94





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