Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Itali.Co.
St Kilda's favourite pizzeria,, is continuing its innovative approach with a new range of pizzas and bases.
Head chef and co-owner, Lino Maglione, a fourth-generation Neapolitan pizzaiolo, has developed his expertise and creativity for twenty years. Now applying this to making light pizzas that are healthier and easier to digest, Lino avoids all highly refined flour that has been denuded of its nutritional value.
Pizza Montanara with speck, poached onions, zucchini, gorgonzola and crispy leek

Our dinner began with the Pizza Montanara which is a traditional Neapolitan street food and an ancestor to today's pizza. The showpiece dish included activated vegetable charcoal (an ingredient that can aid digestion), which gave the pizza the appearance of a stone. Served with delicious speck, poached onions, zucchini, gorgonzola and crispy leek this was a delicious and very interesting dish. is the first Australian restaurant to offer a pizza base made from Kamut, an ancient non-hybrid grain. Kamut flour has a long list of attributes (higher in protein, lipids, amino acids, minerals, lowest GI of any grain flour, low in gluten, 100% organic). 

We decided to order the Bunga Bunga pizza with the regular base and the TOTÒ pizza with the Kamut base to sample the difference.
Bunga Bunga pizza - Fior di latte, tomato, Berkshire sausage, porcini mushroom & parmesan 

The Bunga Bunga pizza was delicious. Sat atop a thin layer of tomato sugo were generous layers of delicious Fior di latte, lashings of Berkshire sausage and a sprinkling of porcini mushroom. These ingredients did justice to the pizza base which was thin, light and flavoursome.
Totò pizza with Kamut base - Fior di latte, porcini mushroom, tiger prawns, garlic & Ligurian olives

We absolutely loved the Kamut pizza base which went particularly well with the earthy flavours from the Totò pizza toppings. The flour for the Kamut base comes from Molino Quaglia, an Italian artisan which has been the exclusive provider to the Vatican for decades. Compared to the standard pizza base, the Kamut base had a chewier texture and a more decadent buttery taste. The toppings were sensational - Picture perfect in appearance and outstanding in taste. Aromatic porcini and beautiful tiger prawns finished with olives created a delightful fusion of flavours.
Torta della nonna with rock melon sorbet

Buttery crumbly pastry is filled with a luscious ricotta, cream and raisins mixture and laced with salted caramel sauce and refreshing rockmelon sorbet. It was a hearty dessert that was perfect for a cold winter’s night. continues to lead the way with their latest innovation through a mix of ancient and contemporary ingredients, traditional methods and modern processes.

Location: 1/173-177 Barkly St  St Kilda
Phone: 03 9537 5300
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

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