Gallito - Dinner with views of the Barcelona beachfront

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Gallito.

Housed on the underside of the Hotel W beachfront, Gallito is a cosy eatery ideal for enjoying the atmosphere amidst Barcelona's beautiful sandy shores over fine cuisine.

It is one of Barcelona’s most wonderful surprises - A home away from home, Gallito lovely and chic atmosphere includes a magnificent terrace overlooking the sea. 

The restaurant offers a menu of Neo-Mediterranean fusion cuisine with a focus on tasty, natural and fresh ingredients that are presented with care. 

Breaded calamari with lemongrass mayonnaise

The batter encasing the zucchini flower was ethereally light and crisp while the calamari inside was tender, courtesy of being cooked perfectly. The accompanying lemongrass mayonnaise provided a lovely acidity to the dish.

Beef tenderloin tacos (pico de gallo, guacamole and spicy herb oil)

The beef tenderloin tacos are a MUST-HAVE. We filled our tacos with melt in your mouth perfectly cooked morsels of beef tenderloin, complemented by creamy guacamole, fresh salsa and spicy herb oil. It was perfection.

Shrimp, squid and artichoke paella  

The rice dishes at Gallito are exquisite. Our Shrimp, squid and artichoke paella delivered a great amount of flavour. Served in a paellera (paella pan), there was a beautifully crusty/slightly burnt bottom which had the infused aromas of being cooked over an open fire.

White chocolate brownie with milk chocolate ice cream

The desserts are Gallito were similarly well devised. The decadent white chocolate brownie was matched with velvety milk chocolate ice cream and harmonised with buttery crumble - delicious!

“Gin & tonic”

This dessert encapsulated the "gin & tonic" in the sweetest manner. Each element was perfectly executed with the gin and tonic jelly being full of flavour and brilliant tanginess.

Sit beneath the vine leaves on the beach, with simple food made with fresh and great quality produce at Gallito. Perfect for a romantic dinner or a boozy night with good friends on the terrace.


Paseo Mare Nostrum, 19 -21, 08039 Barcelona, Spain


+34 933 12 35 85



Mediterranean, Spanish, Seafood

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