Bosco de Lobos - An inviting Madrid terrace

Hidden in a garden encased by glass, Bosco de Lobos is the best way to experience the hustle and bustle of Madrid’s vibrant food scene serenely.

The space is divided into several sections: an imposing central bar, a dining-library (which looks like something out of a magazine) and an open terrace. 

The menu features Mediterranean-influenced cuisine and boasts a selection of tapas, pizzas, pasta, risottos, and heartier mains and fun desserts.

Grilled scallops with herb bread

This excellent starter was a dish of complex but well balanced flavours.  The scallops were perfectly seared and bursting with natural flavour, a flavour further enhanced by the subtle savouriness of the herb bread crust.

Crispy squid with lime

The deep fried pieces of succulent squid were coated in a semi-thick crisp batter that encapsulated firm, sweet flesh. 

White fish carpaccio with ginger and green chili

The white fish carpaccio was beautifully presented and tasted even better than it looked. It was a wonderful mélange of different textures, natural sweetness and acidity. The fresh cured slices were embellished with pockets of ginger and green chili while herbs added the final touch to an enlivening combination of ingredients.

Beef tagliata with rustic potatoes

The succulent (and very generous piece of) steak was well cooked with the adorning strip of fat providing an additional indulgent burst of flavour. The rustic potatoes were flavoursome and went well to complete this hearty dish.

Palangre hake with sautéed green vegetables

A dish of complex but well balanced flavours, the Palangre hake was perfectly cooked and bursting with natural flavour. The beautifully cooked vegetables and use of interesting herbs and spices introduced further layers of complexity.  It was a magnificent dish.

A restaurant of architectural splendour, Bosco de Lobos is a restaurant which is both pleasing to the eyes and palate.


Architecture School, Hortaleza 63, 28004 Madrid


+34 915 249 464



Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Bosco de Lobos.