SunPork's #PorkonParade dinner @ Eureka 89

Gastrology attended the Pork on Parade dinner at Eureka 89 last week.
The evening was a fantastic showcase of Sunpork's expanding pre-prepared pork range. The endless possibilities were on display during our delectable dinner at Eureka 89. 
Eureka Head Chef Renee Martillano devised a seven course mouth-watering menu, inspired by and using SunPork pre-prepared products, inviting food lovers to rediscover what can easily be achieved at home. 
Renee explained how it was really easy work from her end as all the pre-cooking and marinating had already been done!
Clockwise from top right: Shredded Pork Croquette & seared scallop; Slow roasted pork belly; Peri Peri Pork Schnitzel; Pork Belly Rasher in Korean BBQ sauce

The Peri Peri Pork schnitzel was particularly impressive. We enjoyed the crisp exterior and the generous use of spices and the perfect amount of chilli-kick.
Slow cooked pork ribs in BBQ sauce, potato rosti, mushroom crisps

Another highlight from our evening was the Slow cooked pork ribs in BBQ sauce, We adored the smokey BBQ flavour and the pork meat which was so tender and simply falling off the bone.
Apple, Rhubard, Fennel and Pork skin crumble

Our evening concluded on a sweet end with a very clever dessert which of course also showcased a pork element! 
SunPork, a Queensland based company has recently expanded its offering of prepared pork products, aimed at busy people who still want tasty, nutritious and healthy food. The range initially started with SunPork's popular shredded meats and has today evolved to include Pork Schnitzels, Slow cooked BBQ pork ribs, slow cooked pork belly and Korean Belly Rashers. All products are available at Woolworths.

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of SunPork.