Frico Cheese

Frico Dutch cheeses are known and loved throughout the world. Made with fresh milk from Friesian cows, the cheeses are naturally ripened and crafted by experienced cheese-makers to provide the pure goodness and authentic taste of nature at its best. 

Gastrology received this product courtesy of Nuffnang's Product Talk and Frico.

Frico cheese has been made by experienced cheese makers since 1898. 
Dutch cheese is accessible when it comes to taste and can be used in a wide variety of dishes with fresh milk from Frisian cows which results in the finest, tasty and nutritious cheeses with the highest quality. We found the different cheeses all very versatile to use, making them the Perfect Partner for our dishes at home.
Whether mild, matured, seasoned with herbs or made from goats’milk, every cheese has a unique taste and all made from original recipes.
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