A25 Pizzeria

A25’s mission is simple - to serve good-quality, uncomplicated Italian food at a good price. Far from being “just another pizza joint”, the menu boasts delicious Italian classics including delicious pastas, snacks and desserts.

Gastrology recently joined A25 Pizzeria on a delicious journey from Roma to Pescara. It was a night of traditional cuisine with a modern twist by celebrated Italian stalwart Remo Nicolini and lauded chef-restaurateur, Raymond Capaldi. 
The restaurant boasts a modern and fun fit out with images of Sofia Loren and pink neon light installations. There is even an audio of a former Italian president and his mistress cheekily rolling in the background when you visit the bathroom.
We commenced our evening with several delicious starters. The “Bombolone di Parmiggiano”, a savoury bombolone was delicious. These golden puffs were stunning. Ethereal in texture, the doughnuts were coated in a salty sugary mixture and tasted delicious with the oozy parmesan custard filling.
Another must have is their “KFR” - Kentucky Fried Rabbit which is served with the most wonderful artichoke pesto. The morsels of rabbit were delectably crunchy on the outside and extremely tender and juicy in the centre.
An absolute highlight from our dinner was the Orecchiette alle Fave. As expected of any good Italian restaurant, A25 is particularly good at producing quality pasta dishes. The Orecchiette that we had was no exception. The ear shaped pasta were intertwined amongst lashings of onion, lime and broad beans. The flavours were complex and rich. Texturally, the tenderness of the pasta contrasted nicely with the bits of crispy crouton pieces. 
Our savoury courses concluded with 3 delectable pizzas: The Bufala, Tartufo and L.S.D.
The LS.D in particular impressed with its unique and delicious flavour combinations. It was picture perfect in appearance and outstanding in taste. An almighty pizza that was created with liquorice, Italian sausage, dates and radicchio it was a delightful fusion of flavours that ensured every mouthful was moreish. Encircled with a puffy crisp crust, this pizza was superb.
Our evening concluded with a playful dessert called “Gucci by Gucci” which echoed the perfume with the use of aromatic mastic.
A25 delivers with a fresh take on tradition that is stylish and playful with only the finest ingredients imported from Italy. 

Location: 720 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Phone: 03 9826 2233
Cuisine: Italian

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of A25.

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