Scuro Ristorante | Dr. Oetker

The folks behind Dr Oetker Ristorante believe that you can have restaurant quality pizza at home. To prove it, they built a pop-up restaurant all for one table.

To fight away any preconceived ideas about quality and taste, guests were kept (quite literally) in the dark about what they were eating, hosting a dining in the dark at “Scuro Ristorante”.
The dinner saw AFL celebrities, bloggers and foodies invited to have dinner in the dark at what they thought was a modern pop-up restaurant. But while they were eating their pizzas in the dark, the restaurant set rotated sneakily and was transformed into a lounge room.
When the guests had finished eating, the lights were turned on and the guests realised two things. First that they had been moved to a separate room, and the second was that they had been eating Dr. Oetker Ristorante frozen pizza.

Gastrology had a really fun night during this sensory experience which allowed our tastebuds to do the decision making. Having had the convenience of Dr. Oetker's frozen pizzas before in the past, we managed to pick that they were Dr. Oetker pizzas straight away!

Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza prides itself in delivering thin and crispy Italian-style pizza that captures the essence of an Italian pizzeria. Leading the way in the convenience section of your supermarket frozen aisle, Dr Oetker seeks to deliver passion on your plate. 

Here's a video which captures our experience at "Scuro Ristorante"...

Explore their range of delicious flavours and find your favourite!

This post was sponsored by Dr. Oetker.