Culinary Cow

Culinary Cow is a food subscription service which provides exact amounts of fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients that are delivered straight to your door.  

Growing up in Tasmania, owner and creator of Culinary Cow, Alex Cowles has always enjoyed a passion for sustainable, delicious, simple and easy food. This passion (and a relocation to Melbourne) lead to the creation of Culinary Cow, which has recently opened after roughly 18 months of blood, sweat and tears.

The service is completely a la carte, giving the customer far more variety and flexibility. All you do is select the meals you are interested in and have the ingredients and recipes delivered straight to your door.

We loved having the full culinary experience while enjoying the quirkiness and fun in creating our own meals. 
We particularly enjoyed our Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breast wrapped in Prosciutto which was very easy to make and simply delicious. The convenience of having each item perfectly portioned meant that there was no waste and it was incredibly easy to assemble.

This "no waste" benefit from the Culinary Cow service sets it apart, in line with their commitment to a long-term sustainable approach as people only order what they want and get what they need. 

Their commitment to sustainability also extends through their packaging. The guys have created a short-term cool box using ice packs and air compression bags in cardboard boxes. Where others are using polystyrene, Culinary Cow uses recyclable brown cardboard boxes.

There is also a wine pairing option with each meal. This idea is soon to be transformed into customers being able to purchase specific wines to be delivered with their recipes.   
Their long-term aim is to grow their sustainability approach to product sourcing and to start the process they have even curated their own herb garden and plan on growing that to a vegie patch and then more.

Find out more about Culinary Cow here.

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Culinary Cow.