Diemen's Hot Sauce

Diemen's is Australia’s only native hot sauce, fired by locally-grown chilies and Tasmania's native pepper berry Tasmannia Lanceolata. Grown in the pristine, cool rainforests of southern Tasmania, the native pepper berry provides Diemen's hot sauces with a distinctive fruity flavour with hints of the Aussie bush.

These hot sauces come in 2 flavours: Original and Stinger.

Original Hot Sauce 

With the spicy kick of Tasmania’s own native Diemen pepper berry – packing up to five time more punch than ordinary black pepper. 

The pepper’s fragrant Aussie rainforest flavour and slow after burn is prized by chefs and food lovers, but the native ingredient is taken to a whole new level with Aussie-grown chilies added to the sauce. 

A stronger balance between Cayenne and Habanero (compared to the more intense Stinger) allows for the full flavour of the Diemen pepper berry to hit the front of the tongue.

Stinger Hot Sauce

If you like your hot sauce kicked up a notch, Stinger is for you. Made in Australia with 100% local ingredients, the secret heat source was born in Tasmania’s pristine rainforest.

It’s the Diemen pepper berry, which contains polygodial – a hot compound which starts with a unique fruity flavour with hints of Aussie rainforest, slowly releasing a tingling burn similar to Sichuan pepper.

A healthy dose of Habanero (compared to the Original sauce) compliments the front of tongue sensation with the habanero's back of throat lingering afterburn.

Find out more about Diemen's Hot Sauce here.

Gastrology bloggers received a sample of the product courtesy of Diemen's.