Curry Delights

Curry Delights is a monthly kit which includes easy recipes and all dry ingredients for a delicious Indian feast at home. All you have to do is follow the steps to cook a memorable three course meal for four.

Gastrology recently trialled Curry Delights’ October kit (featuring Awadhi cuisine) which came with a menu, a gorgeous recipe book and all the dry Indian ingredients pre-portioned to serve four. 

When we were ready to cook, we followed the shopping list and picked up all the required fresh items.
We loved the step by step instructions which were simple and perfectly timed and designed to fit together like Lego. It was great fun to see each course take shape.
Around an hour later, our 3 course meal was ready! 
Everything tasted incredibly authentic and delicious. It was the perfect curry night in with friends. 

What: Curry Delights is a monthly kit with a menu that changes every month. You will discover new foods from different parts of India with every kit. 

How: Follow the foolproof steps to cook a fantastic 3 course meal at home.