Bonne Maman INTENSE


Bonne Maman has decided to create a more fruitful path for their loyal and future fruit spread lovers. The new INTENSE range has more fruit and 39% less sugar than regular preserves.

For years Bonne maman has been creating new flavours to expand their traditional conserve offering. However, Bonne Maman felt it was time to create INTENSE, an entirely new, healthier range. Still made using the finest ingredients with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, Bonne Maman is humbled to be able to share their latest and greatest creation.

Served in newly designed 235g jars, the available flavours include strawberry, raspberry, orange and apricot. We loved that the new range doesn’t compromise on flavour – beautiful when spread over toasted sourdough, lathered on fluffy pancakes, smothered on buttery croissants and the perfect topping for creamy Greek yoghurts.

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