Busting vegan myths with the Lord’s

Created in the Mid 2000s, Lord of Fries is synonymous for their crispy crunchy fries with a complementing sauces. Expanding their repertoire to burgers, hot dogs and delicious side, Gastrology were invited to attend an evening at their Chapel Street store to engage in some open conversations about busting common vegan myths with a panel of professionals, whilst tasting some of the their menu.

From Dr Matthew Ruby, a lecturer at Latrobe University, we learned about some statistics on veganism, and the main reason that deters people from becoming a vegan is mainly cheese. However, with the development of vegan based cheeses, this should ease the transition for vegans. In addition, we heard about the vegan based fashion accessories such as a pineapple leaf made handbag, and the ways to ensure that being vegan can be still nutritious.

Whilst learning about vegan facts, fashion, and nutrition, we sampled the Lord of the Fries menu.

The limited edition Royal Poutine was a standout, with chunky fries being slathered in vegan blue cheese and gravy, this was a hit amongst the crowd. To finish off the tasting, we were treated to the new menu item, ice cream sandwiches. These were a great dessert to finish off the informative evening, and should be hitting stores shortly!

Written by Helena Lea.

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