Dynasty 8

Housed within Conrad Macau, Dynasty 8 boasts serves classical and authentic high-end Chinese cuisine.

Stepping into Dynasty 8, the first thing you notice is its stunning surrounds. The classic symmetry of the common dining room with red cloth lanterns suspended from patterned wooden slats affixed to the ceiling immediately catches the eye. The restaurant also boasts eight private dining rooms, each one set apart by a black-tiled awning and uniquely styled after one of eight dynasties. 

On the drinks front, the wine cellar boasting over 400 varieties of wine and artisan and house teas are served in great ceremonial style in opaque or translucent miniature pots which match the natural colour of the tea.

We enjoyed tasting our way through the menu. The marinated Sea Whelks in Wasabi Dressing was our favourite entrée. We loved the chewy yet tender texture of the perfectly prepared sea whelks swimming in the sea of umami-laden wasabi dressing. The heat from the wasabi was wonderfully balanced.

When it comes to soups, Dynasty 8 do it well. The Double-Boiled Fish Maw Soup with Black Chicken in Coconut is a winner. We loved the aroma that the coconut delivered to this delicate yet flavoursome soup.

The baked Cod Fish was yet another highlight. Think silky cod boasting a crisp exterior served with a variety of pepper sauces so each bite can be different to the next.  

Whatever you do, do not leave without trying the dish of Handmade Noodles Marinated with Sliced Abalone and Spring Onion. This is one flavour explosion that you will not forget. Think slippery al dente noodles coated in a stunning abalone sauce and then topped with plump abalone. Simply amazing.

If you have a sweet tooth, the Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Avocado and Chia Seeds & Hawthorn Roll will ensure your visit concludes on a luxuriously sweet note. 

Location: Level 1, Conrad Macao, Cotai Central
Phone: +853 8113 8920
Link: http://conradhotels3.hilton.com/en/hotels/china/conrad-macao-cotai-central-MFMCSCI/amenities/restaurants-dynasty-8.html