Golden Flower

Set in an opulent and exclusive dining room, two Michelin starred Golden Flower celebrates the life of Cantonese Qing dynasty official Tan Zongjun with the authentic flavours of Tan, Lu (Shandong) and Sichuan cuisine.

Tan Zongjun was a Qing Dynasty official from Canton who took up residence in Beijing, where he discovered Lu (Shandong) cuisine. During his time in Beijing, he developed a school of cuisine that blended the best of China’s north and south, now known as Tan cuisine. Golden Flower’s menu also celebrates the later years of Tan’s life, when he moved to Sichuan and was introduced to the spicy, vibrant flavours of Sichuanese cuisine. 

Wynn Macau commemorates Tan Zongjun by presenting the flavours that this noble Qing Dynasty official experienced in his lifetime. Tan Zongjun inspired several generations of chefs to uphold the traditions of Tan Cuisine, including Golden Flower’s very own MasterChef Liu Guo Zhu, who worked for more than a decade in the same kitchen as a chef from the original Tan household. Master Liu, who heads Golden Flower and oversees Wynn Macau’s entire Chinese kitchen operations, was discovered during Wynn Macau’s exhaustive two-year search for China’s best Mainland Chinese chefs. His four decades of work experience include more than twenty years at the legendary Beijing Hotel (where he cooked for Her Royal Highness the Queen of England, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping); Executive Chef at the Beijing Grand Hotel; and Chief Instructor at the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong. 

Golden Flower’s interior reflects the exquisite, intimate nature of Tan cuisine, which was originally enjoyed in Tan’s courtyard home in Beijing. The venue reflects China’s historic influence on the world and includes a tea lounge and reception room. Other extravagant touches include a red-and-white cloisonné mosaic floor from Ravenna, Italy and Mariano Fortuny light fixtures that borrow the aesthetic of Chinese silk lanterns. Complementing the opulent interior is tableware by award-winning designer Alan Chan and staff uniforms by Rene Ozorio, the creative director of Jim Thompson, the Bangkok-based silk design house.

We absolutely loved indulging in a tasting menu specially prepared by Master Liu.

To start we were blown away by the exquisitely textured tossed jellyfish head with vinegar and garlic, the succulent Beijing barbecued pork and the delicate and subtle fresh clam and jasmine in chicken soup.

Next the main course of stir-fried prawns with Sichuan pepper, chilli and macadamia nuts exploded with flavours. We loved the expert use of the Sichuan pepper which enhanced and delighted without overpowering the natural sweetness of the prawns. 

The broiled beef slivers served with sesame puffs was similarly enjoyable. A cheeky yet elegant DIY dish, this was wonderfully hearty. 

Our savoury courses concluded on a high with a bean curd parcel encasing five colours of stir fried seasonal vegetable. It was a wonderful celebration of vegetables and was thoroughly elegant. We loved how each vegetable was perfectly prepared and seasoned to absolute perfection. 

Desserts continued the trend of the evening – simply beautiful. These showcased famous Beijing desserts prepared in a traditional manner. 

Each course was also matched beautifully with wine and excitingly, also by tea by Wynn Macau’s tea purveyor and in-house tea sommelier (a first for Macau). 

It’s splendour and grandeur all round at Golden Flower. A definite must-visit when you are in Macau.

Location: Wynn Macau Resort, Ground fl, rua cidade de sintra, Macau Peninsula
Phone: (853) 8986 3663