Product review: ITO EN

Gastrology recently had the opportunity to sample a range of ITO EN'a matcha products. Each product we sampled was delightful and made from finely milled high quality leaves and sencha. The result is a beautiful aroma and mellow, yet bold taste of Japan’s finest green tea. Perfect to enjoy with your meal, sweet treats or to create recipes.

The Matcha Love ceremonial grade matcha is our top pick - perfect for matcha connoisseurs. Matcha is a ground tea powder, made with leaves that have been under shade for over 20 days before harvest. The shade slows the growth of the plant and in turn causes a higher amount of amino acids which accounts for its sharp, bitter taste.

Matcha Love Organic is originates from Kagoshima and Aichi of Japan and is JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) certified organic, which has a certifying compatibility with ACO (Australian Organic Certification) body.

If you love creating matcha recipes then the Matcha Green Tea Sweet Powder is perfect.  This sweetened matchacan be used to create delicous cafe style drinks such as lattes and smoothies. Just yum!