Sassi Co

Sassi Co’s ethos is "Creating happiness from goodies" and this, they certainly do. These guys know how to please and surprise with their range of dougnuts (which also come in bouquets) and epic cookie cakes as well as scrumptious cookies patterned with confectionery.

We absolutely adored our delivery of doughnuts and the mammoth sized Malterser’s Pleasers cookie cake. It was a crunchy sweet and salty cookie that was lined with all things chocolate including Mars bar pieces along with malteser balls, simply too good to share! Think Cookie base with toppings such as Maltesers, chocolate coated pretzels, mars bar slices, chocolate coated biscuit sticks, white coated chocolate balls, with a nutella filled base. And yes, we can confirm it tastes as amazing as it sounds. 

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