Schoko Chocolates

Short for Schokolade (the German word for Chocolate), Schoko Chocolates is an online chocolaterie – everything is handmade using European training, techniques, and finesse and blended with Melbourne's unique diversity and creativity.

Some of the best artisan chocolates that Melbourne has to offer, the chocolates are both elegance and creativity, and most importantly, utterly delicious.

This is testament to the use of excellent ingredients and the skill, of chocolatier; Moana Kaster. The result is Chocolate that simply melts at body temperature, dissolves in your mouth in a silky mass, exploding with different flavours and textures. 

We recommend getting your hands on a box of the Chocolatiers Assortment – it’s the best way to enjoy the best that Schoko has to offer. Simply stunning! 

Find out more about Schoko Chocolates here.