Smudge Publishing launches Specialty Coffee Melbourne Edition 2


Smudge Publishing has returned to the streets of Melbourne to find the best cafes, roasters and baristas, all found within the pages of the brand-new Specialty Coffee Melbourne.

Four years on from the original Specialty Coffee Book Victoria, it was once again time to explore the laneways, graffiti-lined streets and suburbs of Melbourne, all in search for the finest coffee beans and brunch dishes.

With more than 120 venues throughout the CBD, east, west, north, south and regional areas, this edition was bound to be bigger and better than ever.

The carefully curated book highlights the quality and diversity of the brunch scene in Melbourne, complemented of course, by a specialty approach to coffee. The book features a mix of the city’s institutions, which continue to reign supreme, alongside newcomers that are successfully leveling the playing field with new ideas, innovative techniques and impressive

The stunning photography by Katie Wilton, Kevin Li, Amanda Davenport, Frances Parker and Simon Shiff showcases innovative brewing techniques, beautiful spaces, mouth-watering food and intricately tattooed baristas, perfectly capturing an average day for many Melburnians. 

The fun and entertaining illustrations by Melbourne locals, Joel Pringle and Alexis Winter, complement the photography and flawlessly interpret the city’s coffee culture.

Leading the way in coffee on the international stage, Melbourne’s industry professionals continue to push the envelope. The crop to cup process continues to be an important part of the industry, with roasters and cafe owners continuing to prioritise their knowledge of and attitude towards their beans. Meanwhile, the prevalence of alternative brewing methods such
as AeroPress and cold drip show just how innovative our expert baristas are.

The latest publication in the Specialty Coffee series is a visually stunning tribute to the city’s coffee culture. There’s so much to explore – let Smudge show you the way.