Lumber Yard @ The Workers Club

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Lumber Yard.
Located within the confines of The Workers Club, The Lumber Yard is a stand-alone dining room and restaurant which celebrates old British cuisine with an emphasis on smoking techniques and nostalgic, hearty English fare with a twist.
The Lumber Yard is the brainchild of new owners and manager Nat Prescutto at The Workers Club (ex Boatbuilders Yard, Yarra Glen Grand), Paul Hammond and Dave Barron. Paul worked for the famed Rushmore Group in London before moving to Australia where he worked at Seamstress and Rosetta for two years under Neil Perry. 
Dave ran his own café and catering business with celebrity chef Nick Nairn in Glasgow, before his move to Melbourne where he was principally responsible for setting up Dry Store Espresso. Paul and Dave are the brains trust behind Ironbark BBQ, an American BBQ concept specialising in unique pop ups and events.
The intimate dining space is cosy but modest, reflecting the simple inspirations behind their food.
The menu features inspiring creations including smoked hot links with Guinness mustard, black pudding with green apple and celery slaw and creamy mashed potato with parsley liquor.
Left: Smoked pork shoulder with piccalilli & Smoked & beer braised beef cheek with pickled onions 
Right: Smoked lamb ribs with vinegar mint dressing

The smoked lamb ribs were stunning - tender, falling off the bone, juicy and packed with flavour. Nicely caramelised and crispy and were flavoured well by the fresh and slightly tart vinegar mint dressing.

The lamb shoulder was superbly slow roasted and was incredibly tender. The flavours from the piccalilli of mustard and turmeric delivered a delectable balance between sweet and savoury. 

The beef cheek was a stand out. It was both tender and delicious, with caramel undertones courtesy of being slow-braised in star anise, white pepper and bay leaf. The cheeks fell away at the weight of our spoons whilst still retaining their integrity. 
Left: Creamy mashed potato with parsley liquor
Right: Bubble and squeak corn bread

The corn bread was an unpretentious creation that was particularly memorable for its addictive sweetness and gritty texture.

The mashed potato with parsley liquor was beautifully creamy and well-seasoned. The use of parsley liquor added a delightful aroma. 
Smoked glazed carrots with red lentils 

The side dish of smoked glazed carrots was inspiring. We loved the combination of the carrots earthy sweetness and the red lentils which had been cooked with vermouth, garlic, bay leaf and shallots. It was a beautiful side dish which shone in its own right but also worked wonders with the relatively heavy mains.
“Eskimo pie” by Gelato Messina

Our dinner concluded on a playful and nostalgic note with chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bars wrapped in paper.
The Lumber Yard surprises with delicious British inspired cuisine and meats which are slow-smoked over real hard woods, delicious side dishes and an uncompromising commitment to service.

Location: 51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9415 6558
Cuisine: Barbecue, English/Irish, Scottish

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