Easter highlights: Best Malaysian satay in town from Sugi Satay | Sweet Easter treats from Michel's pattiserie

Best Malaysian satay in town from Sugi Satay

This Easter, we enjoyed a sumptuous feast of succulent, aromatic, freshly grilled meat on skewers from Sugi Satay
Sugi Satay serves the most authentic and delicious Malaysian satays that we have ever tasted in Melbourne.
There are three types of satay to choose from (lamb, beef and chicken) – our favourite was the chicken satay.
We loved how the satay was authentically served with cucumber, onion and delicious ketupat which helped soak up the decadent and perfectly spiced satay sauce.
The creator of Sugi Satay, Soo Ghee Tan, comes from a heritage of chefs specialising in authentic Malaysian cuisine. Secret family recipes were handed down from generations, from beef rendangs to varieties of sambals.
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Sweet Easter treats from Michel's pattiserie
Gastrology bloggers sampled the products courtesy Michel’s Pattiserie.
We celebrated the magic of Easter with decadent sweet treats from Michel’s Patisserie. 
We loved that Michel's had a wide range of Easter-themed products, like their Party Cake, a delicious Chocolate Sponge Cake topped with milk chocolate Easter eggs. Michel's scrumptious chocolate flavoured gingerbread Easter Bunny biscuit were an absolute hit with the children. They were gone in seconds!
Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend too :)

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