The world's best apple juice now in Australia?


All the way from New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay, The Apple Press are on a mission to bring you the world’s best apple juice from what they believe are the world’s best apples.

The juice is made from cold pressed apple in a bottle. The fruit is hand-picked, cold-pressed and then bottled. The juices don’t contain any water, preservatives and no added sugar - Just apples, pressed. We loved tasting our way through the delicious range. Pure, simple and delicious, the flavours really do just speak for themselves. We loved that each juice is dedicated to a single apple variety so you can really taste the flavours specific to that varietal. Just yum!

Available exclusively at Woolworths stores or online at, you can pick up The Apple Press in three varieties –JAZZ, Pink Lady or Envy. 1.5 litre bottles are available with a RRP of $6.50, with a handy sweet to tart metre on the side of the bottle to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.