The Wild Olive Launches Early Harvest

Gastrology attended the official launch of Australian-owned The Wild Olive’s Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil last night at an intimate dinner at The Hellenic Museum.

We loved tasting the stunning olive oil - deliciously smooth and golden with a distinctive smoky flavour and packed with natural antioxidants occurring at higher levels than other premium brands on the Australian market. Loaded with super nutrients, this oil is perfect for the health-conscious foodie.

Awarded the “Gold Standard of Excellence”, the early harvest is bottled from the fruit of century-old Greek olive trees growing in the remote mountains of Southern Greece.

Laconia in Southern Greece is known for producing the most nutrient-rich olives in the world, creating olive oils that are core to the Mediterranean diet and delightfully enhance salads, cooked meats and fresh produce while delivering maximum health value.

The Wild Olive Early Harvest Olive Oil uses unripen olives harvested early in the season. Unripen olives are known to produce the highest levels of healthy antioxidants, delivered in a deliciously fruity yet bitter after taste often a sign of a high-quality oil. Early harvesting is not a normal practice in Australia and early harvest olives are not readily available in Australia.

Throughout the dinner, we enjoyed The Early Harvest thoroughly - drizzled over tomato salads, as a dip for crusty bread, laced over fresh produce and mopped up with fluffy pita bread. Simply beautiful.

The Wild Olive range only uses olives that thrive in the remote mountainous terrain of Ancient Greece and when pressed produce nutrient-dense oil high in polyphenol antioxidants.

The polyphenol content recorded in The Wild Olive’s Early Harvest Olive Oil are significantly higher than the industry standard for health benefits.

Find out more about The Wild Olive here.