Wine & Symphony at Mount Langi Ghiran

Spend the afternoon in the spectacular grounds of Mount Langi Ghiran where the pleasures of wine, cheese and sun basking combine in the midst of a vineyard promenade culminate with 40 minutes of performance by musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Beginning at 3pm, Mount Langi Ghiran invites you to wander the vineyard, discovering the vines that produce the wines you have in your glass. A remarkable selection of cheeses will be set near our original bocce court surrounded by acres of vines. Some say, from there you have the most beautiful view of the property.

Cushions and picnic rugs will be scattered on the grass so you can lie back in the embrace of Mount Langi Ghiran and Mount Cole until the MSO performance starts in the winery. More than 4 years of partnership between MSO and Mount Langi Ghiran, have taught us that there is something unique in creating an experience pairing cool climate wine and classical music performance.

Make sure you book fast!

Location: MOUNT LANGI GHIRAN 80 Vine Rd, Bayindeen VIC 3377
Phone: 0353543207