Yama Yama

Yama Yama is an izakaya-style establishment located in Rowville, dedicated first and foremost to the art of Japanese eating and drinking, offering a laid back environment for catching up with friends and family.

Accompanying the range of sake, beers, cocktails and wine is a smorgasbord of Japanese eats.

To start we loved the BBQ Eggplant, a well-conceived dish that took full advantage of the eggplant’s most notable characteristic – its supple flesh. The thick pieces of eggplant were battered and deep fried and before being adorned with a sweet miso glaze. The creamy eggplant flesh melted in the mouth in a manner similar to unctuous pork fat. This was a gem of a vegetarian dish.

The gyoza and the takoyaki balls were similarly well made. Both perfectly seasoned and prepared.

Any Japanese feast would of course be incomplete without some Japanese Fried Chicken. Yama Yama's take on this favourite was delicious. The meaty fried chicken morsels were each crusted with a flavoursome spice mix and then perfectly fried to achieve a moorish crunchy exterior.

For mains the Teriyaki Chicken was a crowd pleaser. Tender morsels of chicken laced with umami-laden teriyaki sauce, all served with fluffy rice to soak in the juices.

The Salmon Curry was yet another highlight. The salmon was perfectly cooked and went beautifully with the accompanying curry which was robust and had just the perfect amount of spice. Together with steamed rice, it was a comforting dish.

Good execution of Japanese food within a relaxed atmosphere alongside friendly service, Yama Yama has certainly earned our stamp of approval.

Location: Wellington Village, 1100 Wellington Rd, Rowville

Phone: (03) 9755 5001

Link: www.yamayama.com.au

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