Restaurant Review: Kam Fook

Location: Level 2, Westfield Shoppingtown, Doncaster
Phone: (03) 90051888
Cuisine: Chinese

Kam Fook? A bit forward... but it was a proposition I could not refuse. Conveniently located within Westfield Doncaster where we knew parking is rarely a problem, my family and I decided to try out this year old Cantonese eatery. How we wish we had not. Seafood claypot Beef with xo sauce Steamed Fish Fillet Traditional Chinese Style Chicken claypot Pork ribs Banana fritter with ice cream Deep fried ice cream
The food was fine. Nothing spectacular. Just average.
Would I Kam Fook again? No.
The service was appalling. The moment we arrived we were greeted with a very annoyed maitre'd who asked us, "Someone booked for window seats. It's sunny today but that's what you asked for." Right. I'm not sure what that was suppose to achieve but thank you for the warning. We told one of the waitstaff we were ready to order and after waiting a while and asking another waitress, for about half an hour later, our orders were finally taken.
The restaurant was certainly not at capacity and there appeared to be many waitstaff lazing around the restaurant but for some odd reason, it was difficult to get an appropriate level of service. It was such a hassle getting attention for simple requests such as having our teapots re-filled or ordering more rice. The waitstaff made it very clear that it was a burden to serve us.
So, no thank you. I will not be back.
Overall Impression: 4/10 Kam Fook on Urbanspoon