Melbourne's best vegetarian eateries

Go vege with a selection of Melbourne's best vegetarian spots...
Bay City Burrito
Whether you’re looking for a snack or a meal, Bay City Burrito offers a diverse menu to suit everyone’s taste and dietary requirements (gluten free, vegetarian and vegan). The entire menu can be converted into a vegetarian option. Read more.

Vegie Bar
All in all, the food was enjoyable. It is honest, wholesome food. Nothing fancy but it certainly does the trick. Everything is well-priced and the place has a great atmosphere. Read more.

Enlightened Cuisine 
If you like  faux fish and meat Enlightened Cuisine’s menu will hit the spot. Read more.

Nyala African Restaurant
Our Vegetarian dishes included Furari (a Tanzanian vegetarian dish of cabbage, potato, carrot and seasonal vegetables cooked with mild spices, topped with coconut milk) and Gomen (freshly cooked silver beet and potatoes with garlic, ginger and other spices). These were delicious. They really do know how to immerse and infuse flavour into their vegetables. Each vegetarian dish was different in flavour but they all shared one thing in common - all the vegetables had been cooked to the point where they simply melted in your mouth and were incredibly tender. The flavours from the herbs and spices were unique and very enjoyable to eat. Read more.

Om Vegetarian
For super cheap and cheerful vegetarian, this place will give you the soundest bang for your buck. Read more.

Oddly named “BrimCC”, we were told by the smiling staff that “Brim” comes from their soup cups always being filled to the brim which leads to customer happiness and “CC” varies in meaning depending on the seasons. In winter, “CC” stands for Chunky and Cosy and in summer, “CC” stands for Cool and Colourful. Read more.

Yong Green Food
Boasting animal-free goodies, Yong Green Food is proudly Vegan in its offerings. Tucked away on lively Brunswick Street, this humble eatery has gained considerable popularity over the years. Run by two lovely Korean sisters with a passion for food, the restaurant has a sense of warmth and cosiness. Read more.

Lentil as Anything
There is such a buzz about the place. Located in trendy St Kilda, Lentil As Anything has managed to maintain a humble presence. The concept is interesting.
"The pay as you feel philosophy is simple – we invite you to pay what you think the food and the experience is worth."
The food is hearty, the service is warm. Read more.

If you have something fancy in mind, spoil yourself with a vegetarian degustation at Attica. Read more.

Morroccan Soup Bar
With dishes that will please herbivores and carnivores alike, it is no wonder that Moroccan Soup Bar has a loyal band of followers. Its popularity is exhibited by patrons lining up on St Georges Road, patiently waiting for a table at the small establishment. We were excited to finally dine at Moroccan Soup Bar and ordered the celebrated $25 banquet.

The meal started with an assortment of dips and a plate of pita bread. The selection  of dips were very tasty.

The highlight of our meal was Moroccan Soup Bar’s signature dish, the chickpea bake. An unpretentious creation that was particularly memorable for its addictive bread crisps, it is delicious and hearty.

For a mere $25 for the banquet, Moroccan Soup Bar serves a good variety of dishes in generous portions. Highly recommended!
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Acland St Cantina
For a restaurant that serves equally delicious meat and vegetarian dishes, ASC is the way to go. Read more.

Trippy Taco
An all-vegetarian cantina, Trippy Taco will have you tripping back for more. The menu boasts a delicious variety vegan and vegetarian options.

The tofu asada burrito, is quite special – with bold and spicy notes, it is a comforting and hearty treat. 

The restaurant has a nice and casual vibe with a delightfully friendly service to match. It is certainly a vegetarian place meatlovers will be able to enjoy.
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