Review: Sakura Kaiten Sushi | Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens | Koutouki Cafe | Pud Thai Vs. Pho | China Bar

Sakura Kaiten Sushi

Sakura Kaiten’s sushi train has become a popular and distinctive eating out experience in Melbourne.
Prepared by chefs and instantly send on your way, Sakura Kaiten’s sushi train is a dining encounter that satisfies all types. 
Sakura Kaiten is certainly worth a visit for any avid sushi eater. While we found what was on offer on the pricier side and lacked traditional sushi styles, we enjoyed the modern Japanese fusion take on some of the selections.

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Fairfield Park Boathouse & Tea Gardens
Set in an amazing location, Fairfield Park Boathouse is the perfect place to laze the afternoon away. What is on offer is simple but the food is not the main reason for its popularity.
We loved the incredibly friendly service and the coffee is not bad too. With a view like that, it's quite a special spot.
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Koutouki Cafe
Koutoki Cafe is a neighbourhood gem. 
Serving good Greek food in seriously generous portions, in a welcoming environment it is one of our favourite places to visit. The restaurant immediately welcomes you and you feel like you've come home.
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Pud Thai vs Pho
Pud Thai Vs. Pho serves cheap, cheerful and delicious Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Located on lovely WTC South Wharf, the restaurant allows for BYO too. 
A brilliant place to catch up with friends that won't break the bank. 
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China Bar
China Bar is a family-friendly, all you can eat Chinese eatery. The desserts are not great, but the savouries are of a pretty good standard. We enjoyed the roasts in particular.
Where quantity is a quality in itself, China Bar reigns supreme. All in all, a great place to stuff your face.
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