Rustic Italian @ Capovolto

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Capovolto.
Capovolto encapsulates the Italian style of dining, urging patrons to "Mangia! Mangia!" in an intimate gathering while cherishing a meal which honours classical Italian flavours and quality ingredients.
With a head chef from Brescia in Italy's North, Capovolto’s diverse menu of regional Italian cuisine changes regularly. This allows the chefs to use the finest ingredients – taking into account availability and seasonal variations as well as tempt regulars with something new and interesting.
Deep fried Sicilian rice balls
Left: Funghi ripieni - Baked mushroom filled with pancetta & Italian cheeses
Right: Polpettine - Italian meatballs in tomato sugo, parmesan

Traditional comfort-food classics, both the arancini balls and the polpettine were beautiful. Each morsel was sufficiently seasoned and flavoursome.
Agnolotti riplena d’Anatra 
House made duck agnolotti, duck reduction
Beetroot dumplings, spinach & Italian cheeses

As expected of any good Italian restaurant, Capovolto is particularly good at producing quality pasta dishes. The canederli pasta that we had was no exception. One from the chef’s northern Italian background, the dumplings had a stunning depth of flavour and delectably chewy texture from the beetroot. The flavours were complex and rich. Our waiter presented it to us as “a wonderful dish” and we could not have agreed more
Involtino di pesce spada
Swordfish filled with smoked mozzarella
Timballo di Parmagiana di Melanzane
Oven baked eggplant parmagiana, burrata cheese

The Timballo di Parmagiana di Melanzane was yet another highlight. Each layer of superbly cooked eggplant was adorned with delicious cheese. The tomato veloute provided fresh flavours while the burrata cheese brought all the elements on the plate together in a cohesive fashion.
Vanilla panna cotta, mixed  berry compote

This was a texturally perfect rendition of the vanilla panna cotta. The panna cotta was silky smooth - just barely holding its shape, it was quivering on the plate. 
Warm chocolate torte & crème anglaise

Our evening ended on a decadent note with a well-cooked warm chocolate torte. Oozing with chocolate, this dessert would have excited any chocolate lover.
An Italian restaurant with Italian hospitality Capovolto delivers warm and friendly service and an authentic Italian dining experience which celebrates the smells, taste and comfort of a country-style Italian home.

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