Breakfast @ Cecconi's Cellar Bar

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Cecconi's.
Cecconi’s is situated towards the Exhibition Street end of Flinders Lane's thriving restaurant precinct. Boasting a vibrant and buzzing cellar bar and an impressive restaurant, there is no denying that this dual establishment is wholeheartedly dedicated to food and quality produce.
The wall of family photos, and some of the produce they use displayed in black steel carriageways above the bar and open kitchen act as a reminder that Cecconi's is an authentic Italian restaurant.
Cecconi’s Cellar Bar has recently started offering a breakfast menu which we were privileged to sample.
Quince and cinnamon muffins were delivered to our table fresh out of the oven. The muffins were beautiful – aromatic, moreish and moist, with a lovely hint of tartness from the quince.
Toastie - homemade salumi and fontina cheese

The grilled cheesy toast with homemade salumi was a classic combination. We loved the thick, warm slices of bread and the generous amounts of oozy cheese and the delicious kick and savouriness from the salumi.
Crab omelette, Parmesan, parsley

Food envy set in as we watched the crab omelette (that we were foolish enough not to have ordered) being devoured. 
Cecconi’s toasted organic muesli with yogurt and banana

The muesli was absolutely scrumptious. This delectable blend of creamy yoghurt, crunchy oats and fresh banana followed by sour and sweet pops of dried fruit certainly awoke our senses.
Excellent food, good coffee and cheerful wait staff, breakfast service at Cecconi’s Cellar Bar was always going to be a success story.

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