Upcoming Event: The Progressive Greek | The best of Greek wines to be uncorked during the month of July

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Douglas Lamb Wines, Longrain, Pei Modern and Gazi.
Food and wine lovers will have the opportunity to taste the finest drops from Greece during the month of July, matched with fine dining, to uncover the truth behind one of the world’s oldest wine-making countries.

Premier Greek wine importer, Douglas Lamb Wines, is hosting The Progressive Greek – specially designed wine and food matching evenings, across Sydney and Melbourne throughout July.

Third generation wine importer and business owner, David Lamb, delivers an opportunity for diners to taste wines from the northern Amyndeon region and the renowned Kir Yianni winery paired with delicious dishes from some of Australia’s finest restaurants including, Longrain, Pei Modern and Gazi in Melbourne and Alpha and Danjee in Sydney.

Gastrology was invited to join a progressive dinner hosted by Douglas Lamb Wines for a sneak peek into what will be in store for the month-long event, 'Amyndeon Oenos’ (Amyndeon, being a wine region in northern Greece and Oenos, the Greek word for wine). At each venue a different glass of Greek wine was matched to a dish, highlighting the versatility of Greek wines across different cuisines.

First stop: Longrain

Selected items were chosen from Longrain’s extensive menu to showcase the ability of the 2013 Kir Yianni ‘Petra’, Macedonia, Greece to match bold, spicy Asian flavours.
Longrain has distinguished itself by South East Asian cuisine that marries polished Western training with fiery Eastern flavours in an informal and relaxed setting. 
Sashimi of Kingfish, caramelised cashew nut nahm jim, trout roe, micro herbs
Filled eggnet, pork, prawns, peanuts, caramelised coconut, cucumber relish
Larp of prawn with lime and chilli

The Sashimi of Kingfish showcased the delicate texture of the Kingfish. The classically Longrain Filled eggnet was, as always, enjoyable and highlighted by the superbly cooked prawns and the gentle tartness of the cucumber relish.  Similarly, the Larp of prawn with lime and chilli was expertly prepared and had juicy, succulent morsels of prawns interwoven with a multitude of intense flavours. 
The feature wine (2013 Kir Yianni ‘Petra’, Macedonia, Greece) matched the dishes perfectly. A wine with citrus notes and a beautiful freshness, it possessed a crispness that managed to cut through and complement bold South East Asian flavours. 
It was a wonderful first stop with rich, flavoursome food in loud, bustling surrounds.
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Second stop: Pei Modern

This time, the dishes were chosen from Pei Modern’s menu to match the 2012 Kir Yianni ‘Paranga’ Macedonia P.G.I. Greece.
Pei Modern is three hatted chef, Mark Best’s first Melbourne venture.
Duck egg, Jerusalem Artichoke & Truffle Sauce
Beans ‘a la Grecque’, Wood Grilled Killara Rise Lamb

The lamb was cooked to perfection while the dish of Duck egg, Jerusalem Artichoke & Truffle Sauce was lovely. The Truffle Sauce and the velvety egg yolk combined to produce an intensely rich and beautiful dish. 
The feature wine (2012 Kir Yianni ‘Paranga’ Macedonia P.G.I. Greece) was a great match. A blend of 50% Merlot, 25% Xinomavro and 25% Syrah, the wine was refreshing. With a merlot background and spicy Syrah notes, the acidity of the wine made it a lovely match for both the rich lamb meat and the velvety duck egg.
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Third stop: Gazi
Our delicious dinner concluded on a high note at Gazi. An entirely different side of Greek cuisine, Gazi offers earthy, Athenian ‘Street’ food partnered with exciting and experimental cocktails and spirits.
‘Acropolis Now’ Strawberry mousse, coffee & mastic

‘Acropolis Now’ was a strawberry centric dessert which provided a different mix of pleasant flavours. We loved the velvety smooth consistency of the “cake” which served with Greek coffee soil with refreshing hints of pine forest flavour from mastic.
The 2012 Kir Yianni ‘Akakies’ Brut Rose was our favourite match of the night. It was a playful number with complimentary strawberry aromas and bright acidity which cut through the sweetness of the dessert in a delicious fashion. 
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Progressive Greek - A self-guided tour complete with detailed tasting notes 
Each restaurant will be pouring a different a Kir Yianni wine from Amyndeon for the month of July. Each wine will be matched to a small dish. 
Participating restaurants: 
Longrain Melbourne  Wine: 2013 Kir Yianni ‘Petra’
Recommended dish: Prawn salad with mint, chilli, lime and roasted rice.   
Pei Modern Wine: 2012 Kir Yianni ‘Paranga’
Recommended dish: Duck Egg, Jerusalem Artichoke & Truffle (entrée) or the Beans a la Grec, Killara Rise Lamb (main).  
Wine: 2012 Kir Yianni ‘Akakies Brut Rose’
Recommended dish: “Acropolis Now” strawberry mousse with coffee and mastic.