Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of HOPHAUS.
This year, HOPHAUS celebrates the world’s largest funfair, Oktoberfest, with the inaugural HOPTOBERFEST which will run from 20 September to 5 October. 
Festively dressed HOPHAUS staff served up steins to beer-swilling Bavarians and locals alike, many of them sporting lavish lederhosen in competition to win Best Dressed. Other prizes and giveaways featured throughout the day, with live German music and entertainment. 
As part of HOPTOBERFEST, official Oktoberfest and rare wheat FestBier Erdinger HefeWeizen will be served each day, flown in especially from Bavaria, Germany. 
We absolutely loved the HOPTOBERFEST specials that were curated by Executive chef Marc Brown. Designed to reflect HOPHAUS’ unique take on modern Bavaria while paying tribute to the traditional fest’s fare, the Oktoberfest specials include Wurst Windrad (1kg sausage pinwheel), Kassler Pork Cutlet (Pickled and smoked pork, boiled potatoes, kraut, mini cheese kransky) and Cobbler’s Hot Pot (Grilled pork belly, pear, potato and sweet mustard cream). 
Suckling Pig Nose to tail, lots of crackle, fennel and apple, bier jus 

The succulent pork was superbly cooked with the adorning strip of fat providing an additional indulgent burst of pork flavour. The bier jus had a delightful sweetness to accompany the pork and enlivened the relatively heavy dish. Golden brown, blistered and crunchy, the pork crackling had us fighting for the last piece. 
 Plate of Spit Roasted Lamb Spinach puree, jus 

The lamb shoulder was a memorable dish which combined flawless texture with equally superlative flavours. Each moreish morsel was tender. The lamb’s accompanying spinach puree was simple, fresh and was a delight when smothered on the exceedingly flavoursome and melt-in-your-mouth pieces of lamb. 

A traditional German side dish, the Sauerkraut was an absolute must-have, with tangy notes cutting through the richness of our mains. 

Carbohydrate heaven, the käsespätzle was warm, decadent and full of stretchy cheese. 
Toffee Apple Strudel Vanilla ice cream and Quark Crème 

A delightful dessert, the caramelised apples were perfectly poached with a rich toffee flavour. The apple pieces were crunchy and juicy and ruptured with sweetness. The beautiful pastry and quark crème provided balance to the sweetness of the caramelised apples while the vanilla ice cream maximised solitary pleasure as it slowly melted into the crumbs and hot filling.
The delicious HOPTOBERFEST specials will be available from 20 September until the end of October. The remainder of the 16-day festival will feature live German music, as well as entertainment and DJs each weekend until Sunday 5 October. 

Where: HOPHAUS, West end, Mid-level Southgate
When: 20 September - 5 October
Bookings: 03 9682 5900

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