Fox in the Corn

Fox in the Corn is the manifestation of Joshua Murnane and Josh Bayne’s dream. Being both from Millgrove Pasta (a small gourmet food company producing snap frozen and fresh cut pasta supplying some of the biggest pasta bars in Melbourne) it only seemed natural to open their very own.
With a love of coffee between them, the Millgrove boys combed through all of Melbourne and carefully selected Monk Bodhi Dharma as their boutique micro-roaster, for their direct trade, seasonal and mostly single estate coffee.
Fox in the Corn showcases the finest in small batch brewing available through 8 taps and a plethora of bottled beers.
The space has been designed for beer lovers to sit and enjoy a personal connection to the master brewers of the world. 
Buffalo Mozzarella Salad w cherry tomatoes & rocket 

Fox in the Corn showcases the Millgrove boys’ pasta and love of local produce. Importantly, they let the pasta do the talking.
Beef Ravioli with Vegetable Broth with fresh veg, peas & spring onion

The menu is simple. Pick your pasta then choose a sauce. The sauces range from very light (like the above vegetable broth)…
Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli with Slow Cooked Beef Ragu w spring onion

…To heartier options like the hearty beef ragu to heavier creamy pasta options.
Fox in the Corn is certainly a welcomed addition to Footscray’s ever evolving dining scene.

Location: 4 Droop Street, Footscray
Phone: 9362 7858

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Fox in the Corn.

The Easey Street Smoke Out

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Easey Street Smoke Out.
Ironbark Barbecue has teamed up with Australia’s first communal motorcycle workshop, Kustom Kommune, to reveal Easey Street Smoke Out.
The unique venue offers the best American style barbecue, in a real motorcycle workshop complete with welding, sawing and revving. The Kommune is also a fully equipped motorcycle workshop where members self-service their own bikes. They can access tools, knowledge and facilities from the Kommune community.
The bar and restaurant opened in February 2015 at Kustom Kommune, where the team serves up succulent cuts of ethically sourced Victorian meats, smoked on site from 5am, for dinner service starting at 6pm. The results are mouthwatering, tender, juicy, hot, smoked meats courtesy of using time old techniques which involve long processes.
The drink offerings are impressive with beers from local brewers in Thornbury, 3 Ravens, which was named Champion Small Australian Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards and also picked up Best British Ale for its slightly tweaked English Ale.
Ironbark's passion for real American style food is palpable. Coupled with the sourcing high quality meat, it is a compelling proposition. The quality meat offerings include prime Victorian beef brisket, free range pulled pork shoulder, succulent Victorian lamb ribs, spicy thick sausages, the American classic, Texas chilli, as well as delicious salads and sides.
The Slow Smoked BBQ boasts a great selection of meats a- all of which are smoked with different woods to impart specific flavours and are prepared using dry rubs. We loved our platter of beef brisket, pulled pork, lamb ribs and thick sausages.
The lamb ribs were stunning - Tender, falling off the bone, juicy and packed with flavour. Prepared in the Southern tradition, we loved the smoky flavour imparted from being smoked for hours. The beef brisket was another  standout. Particularly noteworthy for its fragrant and complex beefy flavours which were enhanced by being marinated prior to being smoked for numerous hours. The meat was both soft and delicate.
The accompanying red slaw salad was our favourite. It was an enlivening salad with bold tastes and textures. A mixture of red chilli, red cabbage,  radish, capsicum and cumin, the salad was a beautiful and fresh addition which went well with the meats.

The Easey Street Smoke Out is the best place in Melbourne for the 3 Bs (barbecue, beers and bikes), delighting patrons with authentic American BBQ meats which are slow-smoked over real hard woods and delicious side dishes.

Location: 25 Easey St, Collingwood
Phone: 03 9417 5123
Cuisine: American, BBQ

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Chicken N Beer

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Chicken N Beer.
At Chicken N Beer, eating chicken is a serious ritual. The chicken focused menu is impressive - ranging from battered and fried to glazed and baked. You can even indulge in a marinated whole chicken baked with a beer can stuffed inside it. Seriously, there is something here for every chicken lover.
In fact the menu goes above and beyond what you would expect given the name of this eatery, with healthy options like a playful quinoa salad for those not so chicken-inclined. However, you really can't go past the impressive sharing platters which offer serious bang for your buck. 
Tasting platter - 3 x spare ribs, delights, buffalo wings and skinny potatoes. Served with popcorn chicken and 8 deep fried spare ribs, medium chips and spicy sauce.

The platter was very impressive and we loved tucking into every corner of it. The popcorn chicken was fried perfectly golden. While the American-style skillet-fried chicken spare ribs were delectably crunchy on the outside and extremely tender and juicy in the centre. The buffalo wings were sticky and moreish. Just. Yum.
And just so happens that everything pairs magnificently with beers...
From left: Toff salad; Quinoa salad

We enjoyed both our quinoa and tiff salads. The quinoa salad in particular was a stand out. An enlivening salad of quinoa, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, red onion, corn, parsley and spinach and brought together with a spiced olive oil dressing, the salad was a medley of exciting flavours and textures which will appeal to even the most carnivorous individuals.
Vegetarian cornballs

The vegetarian cornballs were another delicious addition. We loved dipping them in the Spicy Korean sauce which was hot enough to enliven the taste buds but sweet enough to keep us coming back for more.
CNB Sandy Burger

The CNB Sandy Burger was an almighty burger filled with crispy chicken breast and served with guacamole, sliced cheese, baby spinach, red onion rings and sliced tomato and then slathered with spicy mayo and CNB sauce. The result was a balanced combination of flavours, with all ingredients working in perfect harmony to highlight the real star of the show - the crispy chicken.
Whole marinated beer can chicken

The signature whole marinated beer can chicken was divine. The chicken was covered with a beautiful herb rub while the inside had been bathed with steamy beer, to keep the chicken meat wonderfully moist. The result was exquisitely tender, falling-off-the-bone meat, encased in salty, herby, crispy skin. 
Doughnut balls served with raspberry coulis and crème anglaise

These golden puffs were stunning. Ethereal in texture, the doughnuts were cinnamon-sugar coated and tasted delicious with the slightly tart coulis and velvety crème anglaise.
Warm up your winter with mouth-watering chicken at Chicken N Beer. Located in the heart of Richmond, it’s the perfect place to settle in for the night and enjoy the irresistible combination of expertly cooked chicken washed down with craft beers.

Location: 297 Bridge Road, Richmond, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9428 0580
Cuisine: Tapas, Bar Food, Chicken

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Brother Burger opens second restaurant on Chapel Street

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew.
Adored Fitzroy burger destination, Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew, has crossed the river to open its second restaurant on Melbourne’s iconic Chapel Street. Taking over the site formerly home to Café Greco, Brother Burger is part of the new guard of Chapel Street hangouts.
We loved the atmosphere and social vibe of their new haunt. Owner, Marcelo Tummino, who in a former life worked in advertising as an art director, has filled the industrial inspired space with pre-­‐loved items he personally collected. Recycled materials complement the nostalgic ambiance of the venue, which boasts a receding courtyard entrance framed by New York loft-style windows, large red semi-circle leather booths, a wall panelled in deconstructed metal shelves, tennis court lighting and over 800 vintage meat grinders.
The menu focuses on producing authentic, high quality food. You can expect a few tweaks to the original menu you know and love, but we can confirm there is no deviation from the timeless flavour combinations which are all made by hand, from scratch. 
We enjoyed the Hot Stuff burger - an almighty burger with a large 100% wagyu grilled beef patty, smoky double bacon, melted cheese, house-made pickles, mustard-mayo and chilli jam all squeezed into a fresh, toasted brioche bun. It was the small details that set it apart - from the slightly crispy edges of the pattie to the subtle smokiness of the bacon. Yum!
For something a little different from the beef patty, we recommend their Hey Ewe! burger which is filled with beautifully spiced lamb, beetroot, lettuce, preserved lemon and minted yoghurt and house-made pickles. A clever and pleasingly complex combination of flavours that we loved. 
Their fries were beautifully crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside while their onion rings had us doing it Gollum style - fighting for the last ring. They were deliciously sweet, soft, sticky and encased by incredibly crispy batter (highly recommended).

And while you're there, don't leave without having a look at their ever changing dessert specials. We loved indulging in their very decadent chocolate ganache tart.
Showcasing a menu that maintains the integrity of premium produce and an impressive 15 tap beer selection, Brother Burger combines the winning combination of juicy burgers with independent craft beers. We will be back. 

Location: 560 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Phone: 03 9041 1393
Cuisine: Burgers, Bar, Bar & Grill

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Munich Brauhaus

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Munich Brauhaus.
Munich Brauhaus is where Munich meets Melbourne. Bringing to life a traditional Bavarian bierhaus, the restaurant is the land where Oktoberfest never ended. A place to dine, drink and party in a state-of-the-art waterfront venue which seats over 900 people.
The space embodies the heart and soul of Munich and boasts three distinct bars: The Wundabar; Jäger Bar; and Über Bar. Each perfect for after-work or casual weekend steins.
The generous menu has something for everyone from light lunch options to weekend dinner feasts to nibbles from the deli menu and share plates out in the Bier Garten.
We particularly loved the emphasis on all things pork on the menu which included schnitzels, sausages, pork belly and pork knuckle, as well as suckling pig (all sourced locally from Rivalea). 
We adored Munich Brauhaus' impressive Bier list which features the restaurant’s own signature Munich Lager alongside a series of exclusively imported Bavarian Biers. The Biers are brewed using only the finest source water, purified for over 40,000 years and in accordance to the strict Bavarian Purity Laws (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516 and comprise of just four natural ingredients – malt, hops, yeast and water. 
Waldpilz Flammenbrot

We loved the earthy taste of the Waldpilz mushrooms intertwined with luxurious goat’s cheese and pecorino. The flammenbrot (Bavarian pizza) was well made, flat and as thin as a tortilla we loved its firm texture.
Goulaschsuppe - Spicy Goulash Soup

The spicy goulash soup was hearty, well-seasoned and had beautiful flavours.
Munich Schmankerlplatte - Munich Tasting Platter 

The Munich Tasting Platter was the showstopper to what was a fabulous dinner. It comprised of a respectable assembly of Crackling Pork Belly, Artisanal Haus-made and Smoked Sausages, Crisp Roasted Pork Knuckle and Schnitzel as well as sides and sauces (Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Apple Compote, Mashed Potatoes and Bier Jus). 

The guys at Munich Brauhaus have truly mastered the art of pork roasting. The pork belly was succulently roasted to retain a porky juiciness, achieving a healthy layer of melt-in-the-mouth fat in the process. The pork knuckle was yet another memorable item on the platter which combined flawless texture with equally superlative flavours. Each moreish morsel was tender. 

The feature item on both the knuckle and the belly, the crackling, possessed the ultimate crunch and acted as the ideal partner for the tender pork meat. 

The bier jus on the other hand had a delightful sweetness to accompany the various items while the traditional German side dish, the Sauerkraut was an absolute must-have, with tangy notes cutting through the richness of this meaty platter.
Rinderfilet - Beef Fillet 

The Beef Fillet met our expectations admirably – a light searing ensured that it was lined with a thin crisp layer packed with caramelised beef flavour.  The meat was intense with a deep earthy richness and texturally it was sublime with a decadent melt in the mouth, almost buttery, consistency.  
From left: Black Forest Cake; Krapfen (German doughnuts)

Our visit to Munich Brauhaus concluded with desserts and a couple of shots of schnapps from Munich Brauhaus’ impressive schnapps list.
Munich Brauhaus offers patrons the opportunity to experience Oktoberfest 365 days of the year in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling South Wharf.

Location: 45 S Wharf Promenade, South Wharf
Phone: 1300 686 424
Cuisine: German, Bavarian, Craft Beers

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Time Out @ Federation Square | White Night 2015

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Time Out.
Melbourne’s favourite city destination Time Out is has come back refreshed, revitalised and a top pick for summer dining.

After closing for a short time, Time Out reopened back in December to reveal a vibrant new fit-out. Located in the heart of Melbourne, the venue boasts wonderful views of the city, the beautiful Southbank skyline and Fed Square’s iconic big screen. 
The expansive menu of international dishes champions fresh Victorian produce, and locally made Victorian craft beer as well as barista-made Code Black Coffee. 
Crispy Chicken Satay Skewers with a warm spicy peanut sauce

The Chicken Satay exceeded our expectations.  The skewers were nicely caramelised and crispy and were flavoured well by the decadently satay sauce.  It was a delicious starter.
Salt & Pepper Calamari

Tender ribbons of battered calamari were served with flavoursome nuoc cham sauce.  The calamari was perfectly seasoned and went beautifully with the sauce which had a great salt-sour-heat balance.
Grilled Salmon

The salmon was perfectly cooked - beautifully seared and pink in the middle. The accompanying salad of spinach, tomato, honey roasted beetroot, pomegranate and freekah was an enlivening mixture that was and brought together with a tangy lime vinaigrette. It was a fresh summer dish which featured a medley of exciting flavours and textures.
Char grilled Black Angus porterhouse steak served with creamy gratin potatoes, green beans and mushroom sauce

The succulent (and very generous piece of) steak was well cooked with the adorning strip of fat providing an additional indulgent burst of flavour. The mushroom sauce added a delightful savouriness to the steak which enlivened the relatively heavy dish.
Baileys Cheesecake

We adored our dessert of Baked Cheesecake flavoured with Baileys and finished with vanilla cream, cocoa and ice cream on the side. The cheesecake was deliciously rich and had just the right hint of baileys.
Time Out continues to be a favourite for Melbourne locals and visitors.  Located in the centre of one of Melbourne’s most iconic tourist destinations and known for all-day dining from an extensive international menu 365 days a year. Any time is the right time to take Time Out in the heart of Melbourne city.

Location: Federation Square, Corner Swanston St & Flinders Sreet, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9671 3855
Cuisine: International, Modern Australian, Asian, Breakfast, Craft Beers

Take Time Out and beat the crowds during White Night 2015
For one night only, Melbourne’s favourite all-night spectacular event, White Night is back, and Time Out Fed Square is right in the heart of it, all night long.

Open until 5am, Time Out is the city’s reliable, go-to bar and restaurant. For this special event, Time Out will be open all night, where white nighters can take in the sights of the spectacular illuminations, visual art, exhibitions, music, film, design and performances on show, from the comfort of the newly refurbished venue. Take Time Out and beat the crowds with a craft beer or cocktail in hand, and delicious dishes, such as the Vietnamese pulled pork sliders, or warm Thai chicken salad.

From 7pm to 7am on 21 February 2015, the streets and buildings of Melbourne’s major cultural institutions and venues will be transformed into an eclectic wonderland of over 80+ free events featuring local, national and international artists and works from Australia, France, Greece, Portugal, India and the United Kingdom.

Events visible from Time Out Fed Square include an array of captivating sound and visual works, including:
  • Wonderland projections created by The Electric Canvas and Russell Goldsmith on the iconic Flinders Street Station
  • The spectacular light-driven structures on show in Vox Lumen: People Into Light at Federation Square
  • Toccata- a 12 hour continuous play of the complete Bach organ works delivered by Dr Calvin Bowman at St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Sita’s Garden, where the banks of the Yarra at Birrarung Marr transform into a Little India, complete with a glowing lotus pond and floating stage.

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Upcoming event: Fromage A Trois [Sunday, 15 March 2015]

Fromage A Trois returns to the beautiful grounds of Werribee Park Mansion on 15 March 2015 with a bigger and better line up than ever seen before.
The day will be filled with many picturesque scenes and foods, and allow a perfect setting for indulging with family and friends. 
Some of Melbourne’s most iconic food haunts and trucks including Trailer Made, White Guy Cooks Thai and Brûlée Cart, as well as local breweries including Two Birds Brewing who will be serving up their delicious ales including bespoke-ales Bantam Ipa and Taco Beer. 
Renowned Cheesemonger Naomi Cristante will be taking to the main stage alongside other professional chefs, to take visitors on a culinary journey, demonstrating how to be versatile with cheese and incorporating it into your every day cooking.

What: Fromage A Trois, Melbourne’s renowned cheese and cider festival
When: Sunday, 15 March 2015 (11am to 5pm)
Where: Werribee Park, K Road, Werribee South
Tickets: Pre-purchased tickets $35 ($40 at the door) includes official tasting glass & event guide. Children 12 and under enter for free. 

Purchase tickets here.

Great Australian Beer Festival Media Dinner @ Jasper Hotel

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of the Great Australian Beer Festival.
Gastrology recently attended the 2015 Great Australian Beer Festival media dinner where the Geelong-based 2015 Great Australian Beer Festival was brought to the Melbourne CBD for an evening of craft beer and cider at Jasper Hotel.
The evening profiled the multi-faceted craft beer festival – and allowed us the opportunity to meet some of Victoria’s best craft brewers, as well as sample a variety of the food available from the festival’s Tastes of the Region dining area – which puts an emphasis on showcasing local restaurants and Melbourne’s best food trucks.
We enjoyed a range of cider and beer tastings, as well as a three course meal and stand up tapas, from two different Geelong restaurants that are catering the festival, plus Jasper Hotel.
Black salt & szechuan pepper soft shell crab with paw paw & asian herb salad by Black Salt Restaurant
Matched with: Prickly Moses Forbidden fruit cider

Our dinner began with the simple, yet ever so enticing, soft shell crab. The deep fried crustacean pieces were coated in a semi-thick crisp batter that encapsulated firm, sweet flesh. The accompanying salad of crunchy bean sprouts an fresh greens blended harmoniously with the crab, resulting in a clean and bright dish with a perfect salt-sour balance. The Forbidden fruit cider was a lovely match as it echoed the freshness of the salad and it's dry finish on the palate cut through the tanginess of the salad.
Pale Ale Slow Braised Beef Short Ribs with Potato Fondant and Greens by Jasper Hotel
Matched with: Brewcult Supa Fly Rye IPA

The Beef Short Ribs were delicious. Superbly cooked, the meat was very succulent. Its delicate ‘melt in your mouth’texture was sensational. The flavours were subtle and earthy. We loved matching this course with the Brewcult Supa Fly Rye IPA which was very aromatic and boasted a rich malt kick which matched the luxurious pale ale jus lavished upon the ribs.
Banana. Crystal Malt, Chocolate Stout and Vanilla by Vue Grand Hotel
Matched with: Prickly Moses Otway Stout 

The dinner ended on a high with a decadent and absolutely stunning dessert. We found the  Prickly Moses Otway Stout the perfect match for this dessert as it cut through the richness of the chocolate and malt with its roasted, dry finish while complementing the sweet bananas and vanilla with its toffee and caramel notes. It was a commendable end to the evening.
The 2015 Great Australian Beer Festival is Victoria’s premier celebration of craft beer and cider with over 200 Australian brews available to taste throughout the day on Saturday February 21, 2015. The idea is to drink, eat, socialise and be merry with plenty of opportunity to kick back and taste incredible beers, enjoy live music and roaming entertainment, attend free beer seminars, take part in keg-rolling and other colourful competitions and discover surprising happenings around every turn.

Find out more about the 2015 Great Australian Beer Festival here.

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Upcoming Event: Great Australian Beer Festival [Saturday, 21 February 2015]

The Great Australian Beer Festival (GABF) returns to the Geelong Racecourse on Saturday February 21, 2015 with a Tastes of the Region dining area – showcasing some of Geelong’s best restaurants and Melbourne’s on trend gourmet food trucks. 
Brewers and beer lovers make the annual pilgrimage to Geelong - only an hour’s drive from the Melbourne CBD - to Victoria’s premier celebration of craft beers and ciders in Australia’s biggest alfresco craft beer garden, as well as to enjoy some excellent grub. 
And what food items are best to eat alongside these fantastic beers and ciders? Black Salt – a modern Australian Restaurant in Geelong recommends a heavier style beer to go with their Pulled Pork Rolls, while a pale ale would be more appropriate for their oysters and calamari.
Other restaurants getting involved from in and around Geelong include Vue Grand Queenscliff, – which will be serving its famed hot dogs to the masses – Odyssey Tavern and Brewery, Sunnys Pizza and Mazamigo Mexican – a mash up of cultural food to match  the 200 plus Australian brews available on festival day. 

Food trucks include Greek Street Food, Simply Vegan, Ooodlelishious, Timboon Icecream, Squid Inc and Tasty Gozleme. 
Among the artisan utopia of boutique beers and ciders, the cultural mash up of flavours, the beer seminars and festival stalls, roaming performers will take delight in entertaining the masses. Three stages will be home to the sounds of worldly music, from the reggae and calypso tunes of Nicky Bomba & Friends, to a variety of indie from The Pierce Brothers plus jazz, funk, folk, blue grass and country.
Drink, eat, socialise and be merry with plenty of opportunity to kick back and enjoy a range of craft beer, cider and great food.

Families are also catered for with a designated Kid’s Zone as well as interactive activities and roaming entertainers. 
What: The most colourful beer festival you’re ever likely to attend 
When: 11am to 7pm Saturday, 21 February 2015
Where: Geelong Racecourse
Costs: Starts at $39.50 + bf. Direct shuttles run from South Geelong Station to get you safely to and from the event.

Brunswick Street Cider House

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Brunswick Street Cider House.
Brunswick Street Cider House is igniting the senses through its local and international award winning, world class Cider and Craft Beer and delicious food offerings.  These guys are serious about cider and their passion is infectious.
The first venue in Australia that is seriously dedicated to cider, Brunswick Street Cider House boasts 15 independently produced local and international craft ciders on tap and over 40 varieties by the bottle, a farmhouse cider from a French oak barrel and 5 ciders from a traditional hand pump.
The space consists of three distinct areas – the dining area, window lounge and the secret cider garden and cocktail lounge. 
The contemporary design of exposed brick coupled with hard lumber makes for a comfortable space. Oak barrels adorn the area and a window into the kitchen that puts the chefs on show next to the bar display a dedication to good food and brews.  
The menu delivers modern, healthy, Australian cuisine fused with European, Mediterranean and Asian influences.
The result of this amalgamation is a rustic and tantalising out-of-the-box dining experience on Brunswick Street with of course lashings of craft cider (as well as craft beer, boutique wine, premium spirits and amazing cocktails).  
We were blown away by the ciders we tasted. The ones on tap in particular impressed with their great depth of flavour. From light and refreshing with a clean finish to ones with notable tannin structures and toasty oak and caramel notes. Each was worthy of great contemplation - It was certainly an engaging experience.
Spiced tofu Fried in rice flour & tossed in a charred sweet corn & chipotle salsa 

Offering a myriad of bold, but complementary, flavours, the sweet and complex chipotle salsa and the aromatic coriander are first exhibited before retreating to allow the subtle spiced tofu to be enjoyed after which the sweetness of the charred corn takes over. 
Locally made chorizo & granny smith apples Baked in barrel aged cider

The dish of locally made chorizo and granny smith apples was a dish of simple with well balanced flavours.  The apples were bursting with natural flavour, a flavour further enhanced by the restrained savouriness of the delicious chorizo. 
Asian prawn cocktail, A salad of poached prawns, pickled papaya, Asian herbs, carrot, cucumber, dried shrimp, crispy shallots, garlic, crushed peanuts & a roast tomato sambal

The roast tomato sambal had a depth of sweetness to balance out the sharp acidity.  It was both refreshing and appetising.  The cucumber with pickled papaya provided the requisite cooling effect to counteract the spice.  The prawns were very fresh and the herbs provided punchy fragrant flavours.  It was an excellent dish.
Crying tiger Grass fed porterhouse served rare marinated in lemongrass, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime & chilli, char grilled & served with a hot chilli & lime dipping sauce

Served rare, the well-seasoned porterhouse retained a juicy, tender consistency throughout. The pairing of the simply named hot chilli & lime dipping sauce transformed this potentially run-of-the-mill dish into a memorable one.
Cider House apple pie with vanilla ice cream & brandy crème anglaise
Matched with: Custard & Co Calvados Apple Brandy

A delightful dessert, the caramelised apples were perfectly poached with a rich toffee flavour. The apple pieces were crunchy and juicy and ruptured with sweetness. The beautiful pastry and brandy crème anglaise provided balance to the sweetness of the caramelised apples while the vanilla ice cream maximised solitary pleasure as it slowly melted into the crumbs and hot filling. 

The matching Custard & Co Calvados Apple Brandy was beautifully fruit-driven with delicate vanilla spice flavours. An absolute perfect match for the apple pie, this was a lovely, comforting drop with a beautiful freshness.
Bringing true craft cider to Melbourne, Brunswick Street Cider House bridges the gap between wine and beer with flavourful ciders that break the mould of overly sweet cider, bringing the natural flavours of apples to the forefront. There is something here for everyone (even if you don’t drink cider) and the menu which caters for food allergies of all sorts is inspiring and is capable of transporting you to a world where great food and superior brews go hand in hand. 

Location: 386-388 Brunswick Street  Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9415 6142
Cuisine: Modern, Australian, Fusion, Bar, Gastropub

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Part 2 - Trip to Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges - Holgate Brewhouse

Part 2 - Trip to Daylesford & the Macedon Ranges - Holgate Brewhouse

Holgate Brewhouse continues its legacy of sharing premium boutique beer to its many fans. The one hour drive from Melbourne CBD, is immediately justified with a pint of any of their hand crafted all malt real ales and lagers.

Read More


Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of HOPHAUS.
This year, HOPHAUS celebrates the world’s largest funfair, Oktoberfest, with the inaugural HOPTOBERFEST which will run from 20 September to 5 October. 
Festively dressed HOPHAUS staff served up steins to beer-swilling Bavarians and locals alike, many of them sporting lavish lederhosen in competition to win Best Dressed. Other prizes and giveaways featured throughout the day, with live German music and entertainment. 
As part of HOPTOBERFEST, official Oktoberfest and rare wheat FestBier Erdinger HefeWeizen will be served each day, flown in especially from Bavaria, Germany. 
We absolutely loved the HOPTOBERFEST specials that were curated by Executive chef Marc Brown. Designed to reflect HOPHAUS’ unique take on modern Bavaria while paying tribute to the traditional fest’s fare, the Oktoberfest specials include Wurst Windrad (1kg sausage pinwheel), Kassler Pork Cutlet (Pickled and smoked pork, boiled potatoes, kraut, mini cheese kransky) and Cobbler’s Hot Pot (Grilled pork belly, pear, potato and sweet mustard cream). 
Suckling Pig Nose to tail, lots of crackle, fennel and apple, bier jus 

The succulent pork was superbly cooked with the adorning strip of fat providing an additional indulgent burst of pork flavour. The bier jus had a delightful sweetness to accompany the pork and enlivened the relatively heavy dish. Golden brown, blistered and crunchy, the pork crackling had us fighting for the last piece. 
 Plate of Spit Roasted Lamb Spinach puree, jus 

The lamb shoulder was a memorable dish which combined flawless texture with equally superlative flavours. Each moreish morsel was tender. The lamb’s accompanying spinach puree was simple, fresh and was a delight when smothered on the exceedingly flavoursome and melt-in-your-mouth pieces of lamb. 

A traditional German side dish, the Sauerkraut was an absolute must-have, with tangy notes cutting through the richness of our mains. 

Carbohydrate heaven, the käsespätzle was warm, decadent and full of stretchy cheese. 
Toffee Apple Strudel Vanilla ice cream and Quark Crème 

A delightful dessert, the caramelised apples were perfectly poached with a rich toffee flavour. The apple pieces were crunchy and juicy and ruptured with sweetness. The beautiful pastry and quark crème provided balance to the sweetness of the caramelised apples while the vanilla ice cream maximised solitary pleasure as it slowly melted into the crumbs and hot filling.
The delicious HOPTOBERFEST specials will be available from 20 September until the end of October. The remainder of the 16-day festival will feature live German music, as well as entertainment and DJs each weekend until Sunday 5 October. 

Where: HOPHAUS, West end, Mid-level Southgate
When: 20 September - 5 October
Bookings: 03 9682 5900

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Modern Japanese cuisine @ Shizuku

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Shizuku.
Named after the traditional word for droplets, SHIZUKU is a Japanese restaurant that pays homage to the day‐long process of preparing ramen from scratch, where every drop counts.

The modern, black walled space seats 45 and was designed by Earl Pinto. Pale timber and silver light fittings mimic oversized Japanese blossoms, while miniature terrariums hang from flower arrangements and add a touch of green. 
The restaurant offers a combination of Izakaya‐style plates and heartier, authentic dishes, and other delicacies not found anywhere else. 

Led by Head Chef Ken Yoshida, the kitchen is in capable hands. Ken has worked in some of Japan’s most renowned ramen shops. His passion for food is clear - placing equal importance on texture, taste and innovation. 
Scallop sashimi 

Delightfully fresh, the delicate discs of scallop were served on a bed of julienned daikon.  The soft texture of the scallop contrasted nicely with the crispness of the daikon while the yuzu mayonnaise provided a light citrus acidity which cut through the saltiness of the wasabi mayo.  It was a dish of subtle, but balanced, and well considered textures and flavours.  
Shredded chicken 
aka Bang Bang Chicken, cold dish of steamed free range chicken strips, sesame sauce, chilled cucumber

The tender chicken was coated in a decadent sesame sauce. It was a dish with a rich combination of flavours and one which provided the requisite balance of sweet, salty and savoury notes to please the palate.
Wafu salt & pepper squid 

The salt and pepper squid was a terrific example of a modern classic. The squid was very tender and was coated in a well-seasoned, mildly spicy, light and crisp batter
The ramen stays true to customary cooking methods, taking 15 to 18 hours to prepare. 
Miso ramen 
red & white miso broth, marinated cha shu pork belly, spring onions, bamboo shoots

We enjoyed the rich, creamy-white miso broth. The slender noodle strands were firmly cooked and were pleasantly garnished with nori, bamboo shoots and spring onion. The accompanying Chashu was melt in your mouth tender and full of flavour.
Ebi shio ramen 
hakata sea salt flavoured soup, scallop infused oil, fresh prawns, vege

A lovely clear soup with clean flavours, the Ebi Shio ramen showcases the lesser known shio sea salt ramen. 
Espresso pudding
coffee carnation milk gelee curd

We loved the espresso pudding. Exceedingly smooth and creamy, with a texture akin to good Japanese tofu, the pudding disappeared into our mouths as if it had never been there. It was a both delicate and delicious.
Green tea ice cream 
japanese black sugar fusion melt, dusted with soy bean powder

The green tea ice cream was smooth and well-made. We enjoyed the addition of japanese black sugar fusion melt, dusted with soy bean powder which enhanced the delectable flavours of the green tea ice cream.  
The brainchild of owners David Chen and Shinako Suzuki (previously Shoya) SHIZUKU is a restaurant that unites a passion for good food, good value and good service. Using only natural ingredients and staying true to the traditional way, the offerings are tasty, fresh and impactful.

Location: 309 Victoria Street Abbotsford
Phone: 03 9995 8180
Cuisine: Japanese

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