Brunswick Street Cider House

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Brunswick Street Cider House.
Brunswick Street Cider House is igniting the senses through its local and international award winning, world class Cider and Craft Beer and delicious food offerings.  These guys are serious about cider and their passion is infectious.
The first venue in Australia that is seriously dedicated to cider, Brunswick Street Cider House boasts 15 independently produced local and international craft ciders on tap and over 40 varieties by the bottle, a farmhouse cider from a French oak barrel and 5 ciders from a traditional hand pump.
The space consists of three distinct areas – the dining area, window lounge and the secret cider garden and cocktail lounge. 
The contemporary design of exposed brick coupled with hard lumber makes for a comfortable space. Oak barrels adorn the area and a window into the kitchen that puts the chefs on show next to the bar display a dedication to good food and brews.  
The menu delivers modern, healthy, Australian cuisine fused with European, Mediterranean and Asian influences.
The result of this amalgamation is a rustic and tantalising out-of-the-box dining experience on Brunswick Street with of course lashings of craft cider (as well as craft beer, boutique wine, premium spirits and amazing cocktails).  
We were blown away by the ciders we tasted. The ones on tap in particular impressed with their great depth of flavour. From light and refreshing with a clean finish to ones with notable tannin structures and toasty oak and caramel notes. Each was worthy of great contemplation - It was certainly an engaging experience.
Spiced tofu Fried in rice flour & tossed in a charred sweet corn & chipotle salsa 

Offering a myriad of bold, but complementary, flavours, the sweet and complex chipotle salsa and the aromatic coriander are first exhibited before retreating to allow the subtle spiced tofu to be enjoyed after which the sweetness of the charred corn takes over. 
Locally made chorizo & granny smith apples Baked in barrel aged cider

The dish of locally made chorizo and granny smith apples was a dish of simple with well balanced flavours.  The apples were bursting with natural flavour, a flavour further enhanced by the restrained savouriness of the delicious chorizo. 
Asian prawn cocktail, A salad of poached prawns, pickled papaya, Asian herbs, carrot, cucumber, dried shrimp, crispy shallots, garlic, crushed peanuts & a roast tomato sambal

The roast tomato sambal had a depth of sweetness to balance out the sharp acidity.  It was both refreshing and appetising.  The cucumber with pickled papaya provided the requisite cooling effect to counteract the spice.  The prawns were very fresh and the herbs provided punchy fragrant flavours.  It was an excellent dish.
Crying tiger Grass fed porterhouse served rare marinated in lemongrass, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime & chilli, char grilled & served with a hot chilli & lime dipping sauce

Served rare, the well-seasoned porterhouse retained a juicy, tender consistency throughout. The pairing of the simply named hot chilli & lime dipping sauce transformed this potentially run-of-the-mill dish into a memorable one.
Cider House apple pie with vanilla ice cream & brandy crème anglaise
Matched with: Custard & Co Calvados Apple Brandy

A delightful dessert, the caramelised apples were perfectly poached with a rich toffee flavour. The apple pieces were crunchy and juicy and ruptured with sweetness. The beautiful pastry and brandy crème anglaise provided balance to the sweetness of the caramelised apples while the vanilla ice cream maximised solitary pleasure as it slowly melted into the crumbs and hot filling. 

The matching Custard & Co Calvados Apple Brandy was beautifully fruit-driven with delicate vanilla spice flavours. An absolute perfect match for the apple pie, this was a lovely, comforting drop with a beautiful freshness.
Bringing true craft cider to Melbourne, Brunswick Street Cider House bridges the gap between wine and beer with flavourful ciders that break the mould of overly sweet cider, bringing the natural flavours of apples to the forefront. There is something here for everyone (even if you don’t drink cider) and the menu which caters for food allergies of all sorts is inspiring and is capable of transporting you to a world where great food and superior brews go hand in hand. 

Location: 386-388 Brunswick Street  Fitzroy
Phone: 03 9415 6142
Cuisine: Modern, Australian, Fusion, Bar, Gastropub

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