All About Lobster in August @ Stamford Plaza

Executive Chef Ketan Seth is taking diners on a journey of mouth-watering lobster dishes through August at Harry's Restaurant in Stamford Plaza Melbourne hotel.
Designed by Chef Ketan the menu is a tempting mix of slipper lobster centric dishes that are sure to please. We were impressed by the beautifully fresh slipper lobsters that had been cooked to perfection in every course, a nod to Chef Ketan’s experience with some of the world’s most renowned hotels including The Langham Melbourne, Crown Melbourne and Dubai’s Raffles hotels and The Atlantis. 
Lunch item: Grilled Slipper Lobster Burger with Avocado & onion rings, tomato, rocket salad, tomato relish, aioli & fries

The Grilled Slipper Lobster Burger was delicious. The burger's lightly toasted buttery brioche buns were the perfect canvas for the beautifully crispy and juicy slipper lobsters. The grilled crustacean pieces were perfectly seared, encapsulating firm, sweet flesh. With a touch of fresh rocket, tomato relish, crispy yet gooey onion rings and creamy avocado, it was simply superb.
Lunch item: Slipper Lobster with Ricotta Ravioli, Cherry tomato, mushroom, lemon & mint

Pasta encasing soft shreds of slipper lobster and ricotta matched beautifully with cherry tomato and mushrooms.
From the bar menu: Char Grilled Slipper Lobster, Chilli, lime, sweet potato chips & garlic mayonnaise 

The grilled Slipper Lobster was stunning and cooked to perfection. The Chilli and lime dressing which had been drizzled on the slipper lobster during the grilling resulted in a dish that was flavoursome and showcased the natural sweetness of the lobster.
Dinner item: Thai ‘Dry’ Red Curry of Slipper Lobster, Grilled Thai eggplant, Thai basil cooked in coconut cream

The Thai ‘Dry’ Red Curry of Slipper Lobster was the dish of the night. The dish showed balance and style, with an appetising level of chilli power. The curry was luxurious, thick and exhibited a marvellous aromatic lift and customary Thai  punchy flavours.
Dinner item: Grilled Slipper Lobster with Slow Braised ‘Otway’ Pork Belly, Crackling mushy minted peas & raisin pork jus

The Grilled Slipper Lobster with Slow Braised ‘Otway’ Pork Belly was a brilliant amalgamation of flavours that epitomised the best of the “surf and turf” concept. Yet another highlight, the beautifully grilled lobster accompanied tender nuggets of moist pork belly, which contained the perfect amount of unctuous fat encased in a crisp outer crust - It was mouth-wateringly good. 
Harry’s “All About Lobster in August” adds to the existing menu with an abundance of choice influenced by international cuisines so patrons are treated to a varied and multi-dimensional slipper lobster-centric culinary experience.

What: All About Lobster in August - 5 mouth-watering dishes from which to choose - priced from only $15 - $30 each. 
Where: Harry's Bar & Restaurant, Stamford Plaza Melbourne
When: August 2015

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Stamford Plaza.