Little Spicy

Little Spicy serves up specialties from the far reaches of Western China, where the freezing climate encourages the copious use of chilli and peppers from the prickly ash tree.
In line with its social setting, the menu items are primarily designed for sharing, with dishes divided into user friendly sections. We were pleased by the array of signature dishes we were presented with over the course of our dinner.
Boxing Chicken with Fried Garlic

The fried chicken was tender, juicy and distinctly flavoursome. We loved how this crispy Chinese favourite was done impeccably well without compromise.
Deep Fried Green Beans with Garlic

The green beans were cooked to perfection and possessed a beautiful wok caramelisation. The dish had the perfect amount of heat.
Sichuan Style-Fried Chicken

The Sichuan fried chicken was moreish. The tender chicken pieces were cooked with copious amounts of red chilli and chopped spring onions. This was a very flavoursome, spicy dish which paired beautifully with rice.
Salt and Pepper Ribs

The Salt and Pepper pork ribs were fatty, soft and beautifully caramelised - a guilty indulgence.
Shanghai Fried Noodles

The Shanghai Fried Noodles was yet another excellent dish that was highlighted by the noodles which exhibited a pleasant elasticity. Lightly flavoured by the gently aromatic ginger, the dish, boasted the characteristic charred flavour that normally accompanies a wok-tossed item. 
Sliced Fish and Pickled Vegetables Soup

The Sliced Fish and Pickled Vegetables Soup was a comforting noodle soup dish which balanced the flavours of sourness from the pickles and various herbs which boasted a pleasant salinity.
Sichuan Homemade Prawn Ball Spicy Soup

Little Spicy specialises in the Chongqing Spicy Noodles Soup (aka Ma La Spicy Noodles Soup) which is prepared using a combination of spices, chillies and Sichuan pepper. The result is a delicious and spicy broth with a lot of depth of flavour synonymous with fine Chongqing delicacies. We thoroughly enjoyed their signature Sichuan Homemade Prawn Ball Spicy Soup which boasted beautifully made prawn balls.
All of the dishes we sampled at Little Spicy were examples of the gutsy, fragrant and fiery Sichuan approach to cooking. The dishes exhibited complexity, depth of flavour and a skilful use of spice, truly showcasing the multi-dimensional cuisine born from Sichuan province. We cannot wait to return.

Location: 167-169 Russell Street, CBD, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9639 8886
Link: Facebook
Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Little Spicy.