KISS OF THE GODDESS: $99 Cocktail launch and dinner at Da Long Yi Hot Pot

Freshly brewed and made for each individual order, Gotcha Fresh Tea is farmed and picked from their own tea plantation in Mount Ali, Taiwan.

Founded in 2007 by Mr Wei, the brand now has 300 stores worldwide including Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, and most recently Australia, with several other continents due for expansion later this year.

Not content with simply entering into the tea industry, Gotcha has consistently proven their determination for adventure and experimentation—from a range of dessert sundaes earlier this year, to now, Gotcha’s most premium offering: the $99 Kiss of the Goddess cocktail.

We loved celebrating the launch the this premium cocktail. Using natural tea leaves sourced directly from their own farm, the cocktail is combined with freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice, restorative celery tincture, antioxidant-boosting collagen, premium Patron silver vodka and club soda—garnished with orange and 24 karat edible gold. And the result is a truly bespoke and moreish cocktail that is just a bit too easy to knock back.

Da Long Yi Hot Pot was the perfect backdrop for the launch. Guests indulged in a delicious winter warming Hot Pot Dinner and went home with some new Gotcha offerings including a new metal resuseable straw and vegan leather bubble cup carry bag - perfect for the bubble cup enthusiast!

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