Mangiare e felicita @ La Svolta

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of La Svolta.
La Svolta draws on traditional Italian food culture by celebrating the joy of sharing locally-sourced, fresh produce together with family and friends.
The restaurant was bustling on the Saturday night of our visit. With long, shared tables, platters of delicious offerings and some lovely Italian wine, La Svolta is the ideal venue for families and friends to come together and enjoy some true Italian hospitality. 
Alongside their legendary wood-fired oven pizza, the menu features traditional favourites as well as inspired interpretations of the classics. 
Bufala di Parma mozzarella di bufala with prosciutto di Parma

The bufala mozzarella and prosciutto were a stunning start to our meal. The Bufala di Parma mozzarella was feather-light and delicate but yet rich and full of flavour. The prosciutto on the other hand possessed a richness that had been further enhanced by the flavours of the intense curing salt mix.
Boscaiola Pizza - S. Marzano tomato, fior di latte mozzarella, sausage & mixed mushrooms

Of course any visit to La Svolta would not be complete without one of their amazing pizzas. The Boscaiola pizza was flawless. This tomato and mozzarella based pizza was embellished with a light sprinkling of parmesan cheese and strewn with Italian sausages and plump, earthy mushrooms – a classic combination. The amalgamation of flavours were superb.
Tagliatelle ai Gamberi homemade tagliatelle with sautéed tiger prawns, garlic, chilli & broccoli

As expected of any good Italian restaurant La Svolta produces quality pasta dishes. The Tagliatelle ai Gamberi was no exception. Al dente tagliatelle paired with freshly sautéed prawns complex and rich flavours which were contrasted by a desirable chilli kick. 
Seafood lasagne

Layers of home-made pasta, seafood, béchamel, parmigiano and mozzarella were a delight. Our waitress for the evening it to us as “a delicious dish” and we could not have agreed more.
Panacotta; Tiramisu

La Svolta’s rendition of a pannacotta was texturally perfect. The pannacotta was silky smooth - just barely holding its shape, it was quivering on the plate. The tiramisu was similarly well made, with its flavour heavily dominated by the constituent alcoholic component.  Both were simple traditional desserts that were well executed and thoroughly enjoyable.
Transport yourself to a cobbled Naples laneway, the picturesque Tuscan countryside or to a delightful seaside town with one satisfying visit to La Svolta.

Location: 450 Hampton Street, Hampton
Phone: 03 9521 8990
Cuisine: Italian

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New Autumn menu @ La Svolta

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of La Svolta
At La Svolta the mantra is “mangiare e felicita”, meaning eating is happiness. This family kitchen and authentic Italian pizzeria and trattoria brings a touch of Italy to Melbourne.
Comprising 2 locations in  Prahran and Hampton La Svolta has won hearts and awards. 
The La Svolta team is led by Valerio Calabro and Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Russo, Italian natives, best friends and home cooks with a passion for authentic Italian fare. Opening the restaurant was a defining moment in their lives, hence the name ‘La Svolta’ which translates to ‘turning point’. 
Caprese fresh tomato salad with mozzarella di Bufala, EVO, fresh basil & oregano

At La Svolta each and every meal is prepared with love, with dishes inspired by family recipes and techniques, passed down from the teams’ Mammas and Nonnas, Pappas and Nonnos. The award winning menu also plays homage to all corners of ‘The Boot’ and the passionate people that make La Svolta possible. 
Tartufata Pizza

The pizzas at La Svolta are outstanding. It is no surprise that La Svolta holds an Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) Accreditation awarded by the official association in Naples, which specifies that their pizza is prepared per the specific guidelines. 
To receive accreditation pizza must be prepared in a woodfire oven, the temperature must be over 400 degrees and cooked for 60-90 seconds. This accreditation certifies that La Svolta's pizzas are prepared according to these specific guidelines, making them one of only a handful in Melbourne preparing authentic Italian pizzas.

The Tartufata pizza was picture perfect in appearance and outstanding in taste. Aromatic truffle cream, dollops of  Fior di latte mozzarella and beautiful hot Italian sausages finished with shaved parmigiano created a delightful fusion of flavours that would keep any pizza purist happy. Encircled with a puffy crisp crust, this pizza was superb. 
Gnocchi alla Sorrentina homemade potato gnocchi baked in the woodfire oven

The gnocchi was divine and obviously made with love. As with all good gnocchi, it was soft and pillow-like, providing an ideal canvas for the intense flavour of basil napoli sauce, fior di latte mozzarella & Grana Padano cheese. 
Tournedos of swordfish and zucchine with sautéed silverbeet

The quality of the swordfish was exemplary. The flesh was delicate and moist. It was a fresh dish that allowed the natural subtle sweetness of the fish to be enjoyed.
From left: Tiramisu; Sirigino al ciociolato fondente

Our desserts were each wonderfully traditional and well-executed. It was a decadent end to a delightful meal. 
La Svolta is a celebration of food, culture and family. This vibrant trattoria offers guests a real Italian experience complete with a ‘Ciao Bella’ to everyone who walks through the doors.

Location: 3/5 Cecil Place, Prahran 
Phone: 03 9510 3001
Cuisine: Italian

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When Italy met Yea – Spring Graze @ La Svolta [22nd September]

Location: 3/5 Cecil Place, Prahran and 450 Hampton Street, Hampton
Cuisine: Italian
Overall Impression: 8/10
This September, La Svolta welcomes Spring through the marriage of Italian cuisine and authentic flavours with local ingredients with a Spring Graze menu. Gastrology bloggers were privileged to attend a dinner which featured a tasting of each dish on the spring graze menu.
La Svolta is a restaurant with a proud reputation forged over many years of operation. The exposed kitchen at the far end of the dining hall proudly displays both the chefs and the prominent pizza oven, lending to the wonderful atmosphere. The dining room is modern with polished timber finishes and exposed brick walls – the perfect setting for rustic Italian food. 
Beef Carpaccio with wild rucola and shaved parmigiano 

Simple and delicious. The beef had a beautiful melt-in-your-mouth texture. 
Verdure Pastellate mixed seasonal vegetables in a light batter 

The tempura vegetables were pleasant. The batter encasing the vegetables was ethereally light and very crisp. Combined with the various dips the dish was a delight to eat. 
Risotto Burrata with fresh basil and salsa di pepperoni 

The rice in the risotto was puffy and al-dente and had a nice flavour. 
Pasta Carciofo homemade pasta with artichoke, guanciale and chilli 

Atop the superbly cooked, wonderfully textured pasta were delectably crisp shreds of Guanciale (unsmoked Italian bacon prepared with pig's cheeks). The perfectly cooked artichoke and chilli provided freshness. 
Background: Agnello Alle Erbe grilled herbed lamb cutlets with artichokes, lime and mint 
Foreground: Bistecca grilled porterhouse steak with spring onion mash and madeira sauce 

The herbed lamb cutlets, topped with artichokes, lime and mint, was moist and very flavoursome. It was a well made and homely dish that was thoroughly enjoyable. 

The succulent steak was well cooked with the adorning strip of fat providing an additional indulgent burst of flavour. The madeira sauce added a delightful savouriness to the steak which enlivened the relatively heavy dish. 
After the rollicking ride provided by the savoury courses, the first of our desserts arrived. 
Zablione with biscuits and fresh fruit 

The biscuits were highlighted by a light and airy, soufflé like, consistency with a subtly sweet flavour while the Zablione was smooth and fragrant. Providing excellent balance to the relatively sweet and heavy items were the beautiful fresh fruits. 
Vanilla Panna Cotta with berry compote 

The panna cotta was smooth and well-executed. It was a decadent end to a delightful meal. 
As they say at La Svolta, mangiare e felicita - eating is happiness, and this Spring celebration was no exception. In a match made in gastronomic heaven, the menu crafted by La Svolta's Valerio Calabro and Pino Russo is absolutely scrumptious and showcases local produce sourced from the Yea farm of friend and fellow restaurateur Carmine Constantini. The meal is also paired with a glass of delicious Di Stasio Wine. We highly recommend you spoil yourself with this afternoon of Italian indulgence. 

When: The Spring Graze menu is available on Sunday, September 22nd from 11.30am - 4pm 
Where: both La Svolta venues
How: Call (03) 9510 3001 to book. 
Price: $30 which includes two courses (entree and main or main and dessert) and a glass of Di Stasio Wine (either Chardonnay or Pinot Noir). 

La Svolta Pizzeria e Trattoria on Urbanspoon La Svolta Pizzeria e Trattoria on Urbanspoon

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of La Svolta.