Prospect Bagels

Daniel Gilbert, owner and baker of Prospect Bagels, has set out to bring fresh New York style bagels to Melbourne.

Daniel and his passionate team ride all around the CBD to bring you your bagel order, which you can pickup at various CBD locations (Flinders Street, Flagstaff, Melbourne Central, Parliament or Flagstaff Station) at various times.

These bagels are hand rolled and boiled which sets them apart from the regular Melbourne bagels that have been made by a machine and steamed to increase production. The resulting bagels have a fuller flavour and wonderful texture. 

The bagel types include plain, sesame, poppy seed and the everything bagel. Each bagel comes with a generous tub of your desired spread. We loved the selection of cream cheeses and butter spreads on offer with our favourite being the chunky olive and cream cheese blend. 

Location: Various
Cuisine: American