Skip App

Gastrology recently trialled the Skip app for a delicious week of wait-less food and coffee at various Skip cafes. And we have to say, we were mightily impressed.

It's a simple and super easy concept that is really easy to use.

All you need to do is:

  1. Visit or download Skip from the app store on your smartphone to register for an account.
  2. Then, click nearby venues to search for a café or restaurant near you.
  3. Select your chosen venue and place your coffee or food order.
  4. Now for the best part, skip past the queue and pick up your coffee or food order!

With Skip, you can even choose what time you’d like to pick up your items so there’s no waiting in line. There is also a virtual loyalty card stamp built into the system so you can keep collecting those stamps for your free coffee!

We also LOVED that when you use the app, you don't just have to pick from a sh*tty list...the options include cafes and eateries you actually WANT to go to. Our top picks on the app for coffee include Clement, Kinship & Co, Little Rogue and LB2. On the food front Purple Peanuts and Earl Canteen are no brainers. There are even smoothies and bubble tea available (yes, for bubble tea enthusiasts Chatime will have you sorted!).