Mamame - Korean & Japanese food with a modern twist

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Mamame.
Finding a home on Richmond’s Church Street, Mamame exudes a spacious, casual and welcoming environment set against a bar setting.

In line with its social setting, the menu items are primarily designed for sharing, with dishes divided into user friendly sections. The menu is abundant with options and features authentic Korean and Japanese flavours combined with modern techniques and twist alongside excellent service.
Each dish is a work of art and strives to break the norms whilst retaining the heart and soul of traditional Korean and Japanese cuisine.  

The restaurant also offers a good selection of wine, sake, umeshu and several Asian-inspired Cocktails.
Seared scallops with creamed cauliflower, soy shitake, crispy rice & bacon

The scallops were nicely seared and showcased the requisite sweetness that comes with being fresh. The accompanying creamed cauliflower was a traditional and beautiful combination while the crispy rice added a desirable crunch.
Cured kingfish with wasabi pea puree, chili pickled daikon & compressed cucumber

The cured kingfish was a standout. The delicate slices of very fresh kingfish were served with an amazing wasabi pea puree, chili pickled daikon and compressed cucumber. The dish was notable for the quality of the kingfish and the interplay between the tartness of the pickled daikon and the richness of the pea puree. It was a clever dish that was very well executed.
Steamed prawn dumplings with sliced rare beef in fragrant broth

The prawn dumplings boasted clean flavours and fresh ingredients. The velvety dumpling skins were beautiful in texture and the accompanying sea umami-laden broth was pleasantly appetising. 
Baked prawns stuffed with Tobiko mayo (flying fish roe)
Steamed Buns with Grilled pork, kimchi, cucumber & Ssam sauce 

The grilled pork buns were an absolute winner. The fluffy, moist and slightly sweet buns were filled with an addictive medley of cucumber, ssam sauce and kimchi which possessed a refreshing, yet subtly different, balance of sweet and sour elements. Sitting alongside this was the wonderful pork belly. Having truly mastered the art of pork roasting, each pork belly slice had been succulently roasted to retain a porky juiciness, thereby achieving a healthy layer of melt-in-the-mouth fat in the process. The feature item was the crackling which possessed the ultimate crunch and acted as an ideal seasoning for the pork meat. 
Braised beef short ribs with black daikon & pickled mustard

The braised beef short ribs were tender and delicious, with caramel undertones courtesy of being slow-braised in rice wine. Paired with an earthy Asian braising sauce, the ribs fell away at the weight of our spoons whilst still retaining their integrity. The pickled mustard and tender black daikon was the perfect accompaniment. It was a magnificent dish.
Slow cooked Berkshire pork belly with fried kimchi & tea egg

Mamame’s iteration of this classic Korean dish was sublime. The large nugget of moist pork belly contained the perfect amount of unctuous fat, imbibed with caramelised soy sauce. Each bite truly gratified the palate in both texture and taste. This dish is a must try for the non-health conscious.
Pumpkin pannacotta with salted caramel syrup

The pannacotta was textured perfectly - barely, but surely, holding its shape. Mildly flavoured with sweet pumpkin, the creamy pannacotta was cut by the lovely hint of saltiness from the decadent syrup and dried goji berries. A welcome departure from the mundane dessert items usually found at Korean/Japanese establishments, this dessert offered its own unique characteristics. We loved the familiar yet different flavour combinations.  
Mamame delivers high quality Japanese/ Korean fusion cuisine and assimilates perfectly in Melbourne’s casual dining scene.  The food produced adheres to a very high standard and looks to both surprise and please.

Location: 460 Church Street, Richmond
Phone: 03 8394 7856
Cuisine: Asian, Korean, Japanese

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Saturday nights @ Woolshed Pub

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Woolshed Pub.
Overlooking the picturesque water and city lights, Woolshed is the quintessential waterfront venue offering innovative cuisine in a relaxed environment.
Located within a heritage building, the venue boasts sun-drenched dining areas during the day and romantic and beautiful views spreading across the boardwalk at night.
The menu showcases pub favourites as well as modern Australian cuisine with subtle Mediterranean influences with a variety of share plates and a la carte options standing alongside a thoughtfully selected wine list. The weekday specials offer exceptional value.
Chickpea kofte, tahini, sumac, lemon 

The chickpea kofte was beautifully made. Wonderfully crisp and combined with sumac to provide a delicious salinity to the dish, a squeeze of tart lemon juice ensured the dish had requisite balance. It was a simple dish executed perfectly.
Cured ocean trout 

The cured trout was delicious. A wonderful mélange of sweetness and acidity, the cured ocean trout slices were embellished with aioli, thinly sliced onions and pickled cucumber which produced an enlivening combination of flavours.
Chilli salted squid, parsley, salsa romesco 

The squid was very tender and was coated in a well seasoned, light and crisp batter. The smearing of salsa had a sharp tartness which complemented the fried squid.
Seared Kingfish, Fennel, Green Bean and salsa

The seared kingfish was a dish ordered from the specials menu and was delicious. The accompanying fennel and green bean added freshness and texture to the dish. The star of the dish, the kingfish was cooked to perfection. The flesh was succulent, delicate and had a rich buttery flavour.
Wagyu beef cheek braised in red wine with celeriac puree & gremolata 

Comfort food at its best, the beef cheek was very tender and fell away easily with the weight of the fork. Coated with a rich red wine braising sauce, it was absolutely delectable. This dish went very well with the celeriac puree which was delightfully creamy.
Nougat pistachio praline parfait, candied orange, dried figs, biscotti 

The nougat praline parfait was well made and accompanied by sweet candied orange and dried figs which were each bursting with flavour. The biscotti added a lovely crunchy element to the vibrant combination of flavours
Sticky date pudding, butterscotch sauce, vanilla bean ice-cream 

The sticky date pudding was wonderfully light and fluffy. It was an exemplary execution of the classic dessert. Decadently coated in copious amounts of rich butterscotch sauce, it was an absolute treat when eaten with the dense vanilla bean ice cream.

The Woolshed is the perfect spot to unwind with a cocktail, a glass of wine or a beer from the extensive beverage list over good food and stunning views.

Location: t18/161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands
Phone: (03) 8623 9640
Cuisine: Modern Australian

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Mama's Bưởi delivers an urban twist on traditional Vietnamese recipes

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Mama's Bưởi.
The team behind Vietnamese food success story, Rolld have just launched a new restaurant concept Mama's Bưởi. A welcomed addition to Melbourne’s culinary scene, Mama's Bưởi adds an innovative and premium Vietnamese offering.
Located in Postal Lane (the little laneway off Little Bourke Street), Mama's Bưởi exudes informality, with the large airy space accented by rustic, urban finishes – such as a range of neon signs, hanging plants, festoon lighting and a collection of retro photographs. It is, in an easy-going sort of way, a typically Melbourne restaurant.
In line with its social setting, the menu items are primarily designed for sharing, with dishes divided into user friendly sections. The menu is abundant with options and features authentic, fresh and flavoursome dishes which descent from traditional Vietnamese recipes passed down generations ago and are served with an urban twist. 
We loved the contemporary Vietnamese cuisine which was executed with flair and a respectful understanding - a compelling combination for the three new Mama's Bưởis restaurants opening in Crows Nest, Surry Hills and GPO Melbourne in late August/ early September. 
The Mama's Bưởi logo is from the hand of Papa Hoang, father of co-founder Bao Hoang. Hoang family photographs line the walls and signature recipes are from Mama Ly, mother of co-founder Tin Ly, and Mama Phien Hoang.
A comprehensive list of cocktails, beers and wine are also on offer to complement the food offering. 
Upper Left: Miss Saigon cocktail
Upper Right: Homemade pork and chicken liver pate served with pickled vegetables and crunchy sesame crackers
Bottom: Crisp fried whole school prawns served with a lemon, pepper and lime dipping sauce

The crisp fried whole school prawns were amazing. The deep fried crustacean pieces were coated in thin crisp batter that encapsulated firm, sweet flesh. With a myriad of spices, it was simply superb.  
“Chef’s special” - amuse bouche of coriander and tofu salad with citrus dressing on betel leaf

The dish of the night, the amuse bouche of coriander and tofu salad with citrus dressing on betel leaf showcased a multitude of intense flavours and was highlighted by the gentle tartness of the citrus dressing. The medley of aromatic and acidic ingredients was an enjoyable prelude to the substantive dishes to come.
Smokey eggplant wok tossed in a chilli, garlic and basil sauce

The eggplant was thoroughly enjoyable. It was a well-conceived dish that took full advantage of the eggplant’s most notable characteristic – its supple flesh. The thick pieces of eggplant were encrusted with a chilli, garlic and basil sauce that was beautifully caramelised.  
Caramelised pork belly and boiled free-range eggs slow braised in a sweet coconut juice

The Braised Pork Belly was comfort food at its best. The unctuous pieces of pork were creamy and melted in our mouths.
Steamed barramundi fillet dressed with shaoxing wine, ginger and hot sesame oil

The barramundi was fresh, well cooked and had a pleasant and subtle flavour, allowing the natural sweetness of the fish to be enjoyed.
“Chef’s special” - green tea smoked duck served on a bed of crisp salad dressed in nuoc mam

The green tea smoked duck had us fighting for the last morsel. The salad was a lovely accompaniment to the velvety duck flesh. Fresh, vibrant and crisp, the salad provided acidity and texture.  
Mixed board of mama’s favourite desserts

An assortment of Vietnamese-inspired desserts concluded our evening.  There was a sticky pineapple caramel cassava cake with coconut lime sorbet, coconut and lime panna cotta and banh ran doughnuts.  Each of the desserts was a welcome departure from the mundane and offered its own unique characteristics – from the enjoyable crispy sesame seeded exterior of the banh ran doughnuts which were stuffed with delightful red bean jam to the smooth, rich consistency of the coconut and lime panna cotta, to the vibrant flavours of the coconut lime sorbet to the classic flavour combination of sticky pineapple and caramel delivered by the cassava cake.  
Mama's Bưởi offers a compelling proposition for casual dining in the city with offerings that are tasty, fresh and impactful.  Delivering high quality Vietnamese hawker and home-inspired cuisine, Mama's Bưởi is set to capture Melbourne’s heart.

Location: G25 Melbourne Gpo  Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9671 3426
Cuisine: Vietnamese

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Bollywood Dinner & Dance @ Tandoori Flames

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Tandoori Flames.
Gastrology recently enjoyed a Bollywood Dinner & Dance with friends which featured a flavourful array of authentic Indian dishes while relaxing in Tandoori Flames’ comfortable ambiance.
Every month, Tandoori Flames hosts a Bollywood dinner & dance which features a scrumptious 4 course meal with plenty of entertainment. 
An in-house DJ  leads the Bollywood style celebrations on the dance floor and there is even a belly dancer show and prizes to be won throughout the evening. The menu changes monthly and there are also interactive food stands where food is prepared before your eyes. 
Booking is advised as the dinner and dance has proven popular with locals and have sold out quickly in recent time. Those who purchase pre-paid tickets receive a complimentary drink.
We enjoyed heartening curries amidst a sumptuous selection of Indian delights from the buffet (Six Starters,  Six Mains and a Live Paani Puri Stall). 
The Chicken Tikka was our favourite starter. The boneless pieces of chicken were tender, having been roasted to perfection in a traditional clay oven. 
The dal makhani was another enjoyable dish. Prepared by simmering black lentils overnight over the ambers of the Tandoori oven together with onions, chilli, ginger, fresh cream and butter, the flavours were strong and were a great pair with the fluffy naan.
Various sweet options are also served for dessert and drink specials are available all night. 
Tandoori Flames delivers a fun time of food and dance along with excellent service at their monthly Bollywood Dinner & Dance. Musical entertainment such as the belly dancer adds a pleasant touch of ambience to the evening which provides the opportunity to join family, friends and/or work colleagues for a unique dining experience.

What: Bollywood Dinner & Dance
Location: 15 Vernon Street, South Kingsville
Phone: 03 9078 2769
Cuisine: Indian

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Malaysian Mamak cuisine @ Zam Zam

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of MATRADE's Malaysian Kitchen Program.

Located on bustling Lonsdale Street, Zam Zam offers Malaysian Mamak cuisine.
Originating from the Mamak population in Malaysia (Tamil Muslims of Malaysian nationality), the cuisine is full of flavour, spicy and simply addictive.
The decor favours functionality over aesthetics. Just being in Zam Zam takes you straight back to Malaysia. Delicious scents fill the air and we’re salivating already.
Tea Tarik

The menu is incredibly well-priced and there is a huge range of Malaysian mamak delicacies to choose from including a comprehensive drinks menu. We recommend the teh tarik – a frothy and sweet pulled tea.
Maggi Goreng 

A style of cooking instant noodles, which is common in Malaysia and served at Mamak food stalls the wok-tossed noodles exhibited the characteristic charred flavour and were coated in beautiful blachan and generous morsels of chicken, egg, tofu and bokchoy. A squeeze of lemon juice provided a delicious flavour enhancing tartness to the dish.
Masala Dosai
Roti chanai

The roti had a crisp finish with a moist interior, making it the perfect canvas for the decadent curries. We enjoyed the robust and fragrant curries, which, together with freshly cooked roti bread, was an addictive and comforting dish.

The murtabak was filled with a thick spread of minced beef. As we sank our teeth into the warm soft roti casing, we were immediately struck with an explosion of flavours. The accompanying curry created a wonderfully piquant dressing for the spiced minced beef. 
Roti bom

An absolute MUST-HAVE, the Roti bom at Zam Zam was one of the best we have had in Melbourne. A simple dessert that amalgamated the best aspects of roti canai in the form of a dessert, the roti had a pleasant chewiness which contrasted nicely with the creamy ice cream.  A simple, but a truly superb, dessert. 

Zam Zam is a no-frills hawker-style eatery that offers the soundest bang for your buck. The service is friendly and prompt and you will be instantly transported to the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

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Location: 362-364 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9606 0109
Cuisine: Indian, Malaysian

Dinner service commences @ West Village Cafe

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of West Village Cafe.
Set in the heart of the bustling business district of St Kilda Road, West Village Cafe have hunched their dinner menu for Thursday and Friday evenings, in addition to their breakfast and lunch services throughout the week.
The team is led by Head Chef Glen McNab (ex-Harvey's Restaurant South Yarra & Cherry Tree Hotel Richmond) and Sous Chef Lance Mueller (ex-Press Club) and boasts a menu that is produce driven, flavoursome and innovative. At the front of house, gregarious manager, Gil Reddick is ever on hand to make sure everything happens on time in addition to the perfect barrister-made coffee.

The charcuterie selection consisted of prosciutto, salami, pan fried chorizo, bresaola, caper berries, pecorino and crusty bread. The salami and prosciutto were excellent – both possessing a richness that had been further enhanced by the flavours of the intense curing salt mix. The air-dried wagyu bresaola was similarly enjoyable. 
Pan fried Saganaki, lemon & grilled Turkish bread

Our feast of entrees began with the saganaki. The salty flambéed pan-seared haloumi was an enlivening start. With a textural kick from the chewiness of the cheese, this dish was a highly addictive appetiser.
Mozzarella stuffed veal meatballs with tomato and saffron glaze
Hanoi duck spring rolls, iceberg lettuce, Asian herbs & chilli caramel dipping sauce

The Hanoi duck spring rolls were one of the highlights of our dinner. The pastry which encased the tender duck was crisp and cooked perfectly. We enjoyed the fresh and delightful flavours.  
Left: Slow roasted pork belly, pan seared scallops, cauliflower puree & truffle oil
Right: Fish of the Day
Oven roasted whole spatchcock, pan jus

The spatchcock was well flavoured, having absorbed much of its braising stock and was beautifully tender. 
300 gm chargrilled eye fillet, red wine jus

The slices of very tender medium rare eye fillet was a superbly executed dish highlighted by the quality of the beef and the excellence of its preparation.
The mains were served with an array of sides – the duck fat roasted potatoes are a must have.
Hot chocolate fudge brownie, honey macadamia ice cream & salted caramel praline

The dessert was similarly well devised. The decadent chocolate brownie was matched with velvety honey macadamia ice cream and harmonised with a salted caramel praline crumble and topped with generous amounts of chocolate sauce - delicious!
With good food, exceptional service and a touch of charm, West Village Cafe ticks all the boxes and is more than capable of providing each diner with a memorable dining experience. 

Location: 480 St Kilda Rd Melbourne
Phone: 03 5422 6860
Cuisine: Modern Australian

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New Premium Stacked Burgers @ TGI Fridays [April 1 to May 13]

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of TGI Fridays (Melbourne Central).
TGI Fridays has taken a page from its own legendary playbook, taking the burger, an all-time American bar and grill favourite, and raising it (quite literally) to new heights.
TGI Fridays has recently introduced a new burger menu that includes the following 5 Stacked Burgers served with freshly-baked, buttery, brioche-style buns:

1. French Onion
Creamy melted Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses topped with savoury caramelized onions, frizzled onions and drizzled with horseradish sauce.

2. Mushroom chicken mushroom
Filled with crispy breaded chicken breast, melted Mozzarella cheese and horseradish sauce topped with sauteed mushrooms, balsamic onions and battered Portobello mushrooms.

3. New York Deli
Freshly carved corned beef, tart sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing topped with an oversized dill pickle. 

4. Philly cheese steak
Thinly shaved rib eye steak, melted Mozzarella cheese, horseradish sauce, and oven roasted capsicum, onion, and mushrooms topped with creamy queso sauce.

5. Twisted Southwest
Our favourite Stacked Burger, the Twisted Southwest has a real “kick”. Topped with crisp Potato Twisters and oozing with melted Cheddar cheese, the burger is filled with freshly made Pico de Gallo, pickled jalapenos and chopped cilantro and finished with warm queso cheese sauce.
We loved that each burger is served with crisp iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, crunchy pickles and sliced onions in freshly-baked buns. The result is an indulgently delicious taste in every bite.
TGI Fridays is an American casual bar and grill that differentiates itself with a unique point of view, promising to deliver an energizing Friday feeling for every guest – any day of the week.

The new Stacked Burger line-up takes TGI’ Friday’s classic burgers to a new level, delivering on TGI Friday’s promise to provide great food to every guest through innovative menu items that highlight freshness and premium ingredients.

These premium stacked burgers will be available until the 13th of May.

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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of TGI Fridays (Melbourne Central).

Month of The Prince @ Acland St Cantina - Taco Tuesdays | Cantina Crab Shack Thursdays and MORE... [April 2014]

Location: 2 Acland Street, St Kilda
Phone: (03) 9536 1175
Cuisine: Mexican
Overall Impression: 9/10 

Clear your schedule, prepare the palate, polish your crown and get set for a festival of the senses as the Prince of Wales celebrates Month of The Prince in April 2014. Not only does April see the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton to Australia, but it also sees a hive of activity invade the iconic Prince of Wales complex in St Kilda, with a spate of feature events, exclusive guest-chef dinners, street festivals, live performances, lunch specials and accommodation packages available throughout the month.
Our all-time favourite Mexican haunt, Acland St Cantina celebrates "Month of The Prince" this April with lots of exciting foodie specials.

Cantina Crab Shack - Every Thursday in April
Every Thursday, Acland St Cantina’s Crab Shack will feature an evolving menu of deep-sea delights from everyone's favourite crustacean.  Clamp your claws around spanner crab tostadas, soft shell crab tacos and stuffed zucchini flowers. 

What: Cantina Crab Shack
When: Every Thursday in April
How much: $25 for 3 Baja California-inspired crab bites;  $50 for 3 bites + Veracruzbraised whole blue swimmer crab
Taco Tuesdays - Every Tuesday (duh!) in April
Every Tuesday, Acland St Cantina will be offering up some Mexican delights, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla.

What: Taco Tuesdays
When: Every Tuesday in April
Cost: $20 for 5 tacos; $10 margarita specials 

Read our review of Acland St Cantina here.

Other highlights include...

Savages and Hicks, Circa The Prince, Monday 7th April
Sydney’s chef of the moment, Brent Savage from Bentley Restaurant + Bar, join’s Circa’s Ashly Hicks to showcase a night of outstanding seasonal produce and flavor-forward fare with a five course menu. Wines will be matched by Bentley sommelier Nick Hildebrandt and Circa’s Sally Humble.
Tickets: Priced at $195 including 5 courses + matched wine.

Circa Through The Ages, Tuesday 15th April
A degustation dinner that will bring together some of Circa’s most memorable heads chefs, who will each prepare a dish from their time in tenure. Guest chefs include Matt Wilkinson, Philippa Sibley, David Moyle, Jake Nicolson, Ashly Hicks and Stephen Burke. Wine matched by past and present Circa sommeliers including Sally Humble, Chris Crawford, Matt Brooke and Sarah Ward.
Tickets: Priced at $165 including 5 courses + matched wine.

Street Feud, The Deck, Sunday 27th April
A street food stand-off between Melbourne’s sticky finger specialists on The Deck at Circa, including Hanoi Hannah, Saigon Sally, Charlie Dumpling, Acland St Cantina, Newmarket Hotel and more. Street Feud invites the public to scoff and score Melbourne’s favourite side-walk serves.
Tickets: Priced at $39 including a dish from each participating vendor

Lunch Like a Prince, Circa, April
Circa invites you to lunch like a prince on a poor man’s budget with a $25 two course menu + wine, available every Monday to Friday in April.

Live Music, Prince Bandroom and Prince Public Bar
Keep your ear buds on a high post Grand Prix, as April cranks up the decibels with huge local and international acts rocking the Prince Bandroom, including The Fratellis (April 4), Kodaline (April 5), Michael Franti & Spearhead (April 16), Devendra Banhart (April 17) and Yacht Club DJÕs (April 18). Get down and grungy at the Prince Public Bar with free live gigs by Drunk Mums, The Mighty Boys, Mimi V and Denver Maxx on April 4, plus a formidable line up including Gossamer Pride, Harvey Cartel, The Tarantinos, Papa G & The Starcats and Arthur Penn & The Funk Ten on April 26.

Live Like A Prince, The Prince Hotel
Live like royalty at The Prince Palace (Hotel) for stays in April, with a regal accommodation package that includes twin share accommodation, dinner for two at Circa, royal cocktails for two at Circa Bar and breakfast for two at Acland St Cantina.
Package Price: $450 per couple.

Check out more information on Month of the Prince here. 

Restaurant Review: Syracuse

Location: 23 Bank Place, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9670 1777
Cuisine: International, Wine Bar
Overall Impression: 8/10
Conveniently located in one of Melbourne's famous laneways, Syracuse serves exquisitely prepared European and international inspired cuisine.
Ornate archways, soaring ceilings and curving chandeliers set the tone for a modern yet inviting atmosphere, setting the perfect environment of style and fun for after-work drinks or pre-dinner gatherings.
Green strawberry gazpacho, young almonds, cassis 

Executive Chef Hugh Sanderson honours the traditions of classic European cuisine and culture, while infusing them with an upscale, urban energy. The menu reflects the chic and elegant design of Syracuse, as clean, simple flavours take centre stage.
The evolving wine list features 500 wines. We loved that Australian wines are featured prominently.
Cauliflower panna cotta, caramelised yoghurt, green olive, rye 

The Middle Eastern influenced dish of “cauliflower panna cotta" was the highlight of our dinner at Syracuse.  The cauliflower base provided a well crafted combination of earthy flavours and worked in sync with the crunchy green olive and rye and the creamy yoghurt.
Left: Hervey Bay scallop sashimi, yuzu, urchin cream, chicken skin 
Right: Salt cod brandade, smoked egg, fromage vert, zucchini blossom 
Left: Western Australian marron, jamon butter, potatoes, ink 
Right: Smoked duck breast, strawberries, fennel and vanilla, foie gras 
Crumbed pigs tail, quails egg, breakfast radish, sauce ravigote, crispy ear 

The crumbed pigs tail had a crunchy exterior and pigs tail inside had a wonderful melt-in-your-mouth characteristic and was richly seasoned. This dish certainly holds a place on the recommended list.
Left: Violet crème brûlée, passionfruit caramel, passionfruit crispies 
Right: Nicole’s peanut butter parfait, salted peanut caramel, honey and bourbon custard

The violet crème brûlée was a sweet end to our dinner at Syracuse. The rich, smooth, eggy passionfruit infused cream oozed out as we broke through the perfectly formed candy disc.
Hugh’s love and passion for European and international inspired cuisine transcends the plate delivering a memorable dining experience with world-class service and a delightful ambiance.

Syracuse on Urbanspoon

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Syracuse. 

A taste of France with Gabriel Gaté & Gaté tasting menu at Harry's [14 - 20 October]

On Sunday, Gastrology bloggers joined Gabriel Gaté (a chef with an international reputation as a cookery author, television presenter and cookery teacher) for a decadent lunch hosted by Stamford Plaza Melbourne and Reader's Feast Bookstore.
Gourmet yabby salad, pear & walnut
alternating with
Grilled duck, sautéed potatoes, curly salad
French Chef Gabriel Gaté took us on a gastronomic adventure through the different regions of France as we savoured a 3 course lunch menu of traditional French dishes featuring hearty recipes from two of Gabriel’s latest cookbooks and heard from the man himself as he talked about the inspiration behind them. 
Left: Cherry clafoutis, crème anglaise
Right: Rum savarin
The food that we indulged in on Sunday is available in a tasting menu that will be served at Harry’s Restaurant this week from 14 to 20 October, for just $55 per person for those who cannot get enough of his authentic fare!

Gabriel Gaté tasting menu at Harry's Restaurant & bar

Continue the love affair of authentic French cuisine!
Price: $55 per person
Book now: Harry’s Restaurant on 03 9659 1592 or
Reservations are essential.

Gastrology bloggers attended the Gabriel Gaté luncheon as guests of Stamford Plaza.