Spice Av

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Spice Av.
Having only been open for less than 3 months, Spice Av is already winning the hearts of Port Melbourne locals. 

The restaurant serves classical Indian dishes with a fresh twist, focusing on using local produce and fresh ingredients. Fresh, light and full of the spices is the name of the game and it is easy to understand why the restaurant is almost always bustling and full to the brim. 
Chicken Tikka 

The Chicken Tikka was a delicious starter. The boneless pieces of chicken were tender, having been roasted to perfection in a traditional clay oven.
Cumin Crusted Scallops and Prawns 

The scallops and tiger prawns were beautifully fresh and simply seared in cumin infused olive oil. The subtle spices allowed the natural sweetness of the seafood to shine. 
We adored the curries we had. The Goa Fish Curry was a beautiful yellow curry made from ground coconut, tamarind and whole spices. It was a crowd favourite which had us fighting for the last morsel. The Lamb Vindaloo on the other hand was exceedingly tender and drenched in a heavier, full flavour-laden curry, courtesy of being cooked in a myriad of delectable spices while the Eggplant & Potato curry was a vegetarian curry yet another enjoyable dish. The flavours were strong and were a great pair with the fluffy naan and beady basmati rice.
The dessert menu features a selection of popular Indian treats. We particularly enjoyed the blueberry edged Kulfi which was rich, creamy, and amply sweet. The addition of the frozen blueberry layer added a slight tartness which worked wonders with the kulfi.  
Spice Av presents a vivid illustration of Indian cuisine of today in India’s diverse regions. Led by Sarita, an experienced restaurateur, Spice Av focuses uniquely on sophisticated Indian gastronomy, seasoned with subtle yet complex marinades using time honoured Indian culinary methods.

Location: 381 Bay Street, Port Melbourne
Phone: 03 9077 7830
Cuisine: Indian

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Friday nights @ Third Wave, Port Melbourne

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Third Wave.
Having loved our experience at Third Wave in Prahran, we were excited to experience their Port Melbourne joint.

Third Wave was bustling on the Friday night of our visit.  Cheerful chalkboard messages with coffee facts showcase the café’s passion for coffee while providing light entertainment as you wait for your food. One thing was clear from the moment we arrived, these people know how to make you feel welcome - friendly and hospitable wait staff were at our service throughout our meal.
We enjoyed several meats from the Slow Smoked BBQ section of Third Wave's menu - all of which were smoked with different woods to impart specific flavours and are prepared using dry rubs. 

We opted for the pork ribs, lamb shoulder and beef brisket - all of which were absolutely delicious. 
Foreground: Beef Brisket
Background: Beef Ribs

The beef brisket was a standout. Particularly noteworthy for its fragrant and complex beefy flavours which were enhanced by being marinated for 48 hours prior to being smoked for around 10 hours using Hickory wood. The meat was both soft and delicate.

The beef ribs on the other hand were stunning - Tender, falling off the bone, juicy and packed with flavour. Prepared in the Southern tradition using dry spices only, the ribs were served with Spicy iQ BBQ sauce and Horseradish Sauce which added an extra punch. We loved the smoky flavour imparted from being smoked in Hickory wood for 12 hours. 
Smoked Salmon

Marinated, dried out and smoked with Apple wood, the salmon was superbly cooked courtesy of being brined for 8 hours in salt, sugar and spices. A memorable dish combining flawless texture with equally superlative flavours. 
Smoked Mac and Cheese

Smoked with Hickory Wood, we loved this classic twist on the mac and cheese which incorporated house smoked crispy bacon. 
Key Lime Pie

The pie was stunning - zesty, creamy with an intense tartness courtesy of the lime, this dessert was both balanced and delectable. 
Pecan pie 

It was everything you would want and expect from a pecan pie. Making wonderful use of America’s native nut, the dessert was all about those delicious nuts and was served with espresso cream and a decadent scoop of ice cream for contrast. We loved the rich crumbliness and complementary nuttiness of the pastry which perfectly contrasted its gooey richness.
Third Wave Café delights with authentic American BBQ meats which are slow-smoked over real hard woods, delicious side dishes and decadent desserts. All this in cosy surrounds while delivering uncompromising service. 

Location: 189 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne
Phone: 03 9676 2399
Link: http://www.thirdwavecafe.com.au/
Cuisine: Breakfast/Brunch, Coffee, American, BBQ

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New Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar 2014 Menu

Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of Crust.
Crust has just added eleven new flavour sensations to their menu this month, and as part of this product launch Gastrology was invited to sample a couple of items from their new menu.

The new menu features some mouth-watering additions including Singapore Chilli Crab pizza made with King Crab and a decadent dessert pizza, the Elvis Crumble.
We tried the Sangria Duck Ragu pizza and the Roast Beetroot pizza from Crust’s Port Melbourne store.

The duck pizza was delicious. The tender pieces of duck had been marinated in Sangria Infused Jus and were full of flavour. The Mandarin Segments added a lovely hint of acidity and sweetness to the pizza. We loved the addition of freshly shredded Radicchio.
The Beetroot pizza was a lovely vegetarian pizza. The Beetroot was earthy and sweet and the Harissa Infused Hummus base was aromatic and went perfectly with the crunchy Crushed Walnuts and Honey.

Crust always showcases its new products as real, honest food and its latest new menu is no different. We are told the premium gourmet pizzas are made with only the finest ingredients; measured by hand and combined to create Crust’s unique flavour combinations.

To find out more, order online or find your local Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar visit http://www.crust.com.au

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